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There is good news in the world. There are many examples of this. There are tons of people working in helping communities, using charity, and helping their neighbors nationwide and worldwide. The African American life expectancy rate has increased since the year of 2000. The death rate for African American adults declined by 25 percent between 1999 and 2015, with the largest declines in those older than 63. Since 2000, the imprisonment rate among African-American women has dropped 47 percent, and the rate of imprisonment of African American men has tumbled 22 percent since 2000. There are new firsts among African Americans too in STEM fields, academics, athletics, and other aspects of human life. Therefore, we have a long way to go, but positive news is real.

By Timothy

My Views on Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed plus Boyce Watkins.

At first, I didn't want to mention anything about this issue. Yet, something in me just propelled me to mention the truth in season and out of season. We can't be silent on this matter, because the goal of black liberation means precisely that discernment must be executed in our lives. Also, unity doesn't mean that we agree on every issues, but we do stand on core principles and advocate the liberation of black people worldwide. So, I decided to type my thoughts on this Umar Johnson vs. Tariq Nasheed situation. First and foremost, it is important to show that both of their actions are not what real, mature men should do. What I see among both men is that there are cursing each other out, using the N word against each other, and threatening to fight each other over personal and ideological disagreements. That is not right. A real person can handle critique without using or threatening violence. Second, I have ideological disagreements with both men. Tariq makes it his pastime to curse people out who disagrees with him and he is known to promote dating advice that is misogynistic and plan inaccurate. Tariq Nasheed (whose original name was Marcus ) was born in Detroit. He lived in Birmingham, Alabama. He left high school to go into Los Angeles when he was 17 years old. He was once a rapper named King Flex cursing, degrading women, and promoting violence (which he hasn't condemned or repudiated). His early books promotes macking and exploiting women for sexual, personal gain (which is similar to the PUA movement. Tariq called his sick, hedonistic agenda his "mack lessons"). For example, The Art of Mackin’ was his book released in 2000 on being a player. In 2005, The Mack Within was meant to make every man a player and a true mack. In 2009, he released The Elite Way: 10 Rules Men Must Know in Order to Deal With Women. He’s even released books that further exploit men and women called Play or Be Played in 2004 and the Art of Gold Digging in 2008. To this day, Tariq Nasheed hasn't repudiated that sick, misogynistic philosophy and he hasn't repudiated his disgusting books about "macking."

For him or Tariq to say that he wants to beat up a black woman named Pearl Jr. shows him to be a total coward. He’s a hypocrite from claiming to desire an end to white supremacy, but he has issued pro-domestic violence language against the black woman Pearl Jr. during a debate with her. This is why we need ethics in our community. No one should treat our people in any inappropriate way. Our people deserve to be treated with dignity and with respect. Tariq is known for making jokes that mocks the physical appearances of black people in very disturbing, disrespectful ways (which is a sign of colorism and self hatred. Recently, Tariq used an IG post to mock Umar's appearance and mock Esther Rolle's physical appearance in an offensive way. Any black person who mocks and disrespects Esther Rolle's physical appearance is totally wrong and is anti-black period. Esther Rolle did a lot for black people period and she should be respected 100 percent). Tariq Nasheed produced his Hidden Colors series (which shows some truth mixed with great errors and falsehoods). Umar Johnson was on Hidden Colors 1 and both were allies. Now, they are adversaries. Umar Johnson has yet to show real accountability financially involving his proposed school. When black men and black women asked him legitimate questions about the money, Umar goes into a tangent and demonizes those people. Umar loves to try to intimidate people (and curse people out who disagrees with him in vulgar terms, which is not what real men do), but I fear nothing but God. Also, many of his views are a mixture of accurate views and overt bigotry. Hoteps like Tariq (who believes in PUA deceptions. Tariq criticizes black women involved in IRs with white men via his usage of slurs, but he said in a video of being attracted to Brooke Hogan, who is a white woman. Also, his mother in law is a white woman). So, he's a hypocrite. He or Tariq even said that he would raise the flag of Europe in the bedroom, which shows his slavery mentality (and his self-hatred. Lusting after white women can never bring black freedom. Appreciating your own identity and standing up for black liberation brings about freedom). I believe in Black Love, but I don't disrespect a person unfairly based on his or her dating choices) and Umar forgets that feminism doesn't mean violating the rights of black men. Feminism simply means equality among men and women period.  There are many white people who exploit the concept of feminism to ignore the concerns of black women (that is true as many white women were racists in the suffrage movement), but the essence of feminism is equality. Tariq Nasheed disrespected Sister Kirsten West Savali (who is a great black woman, a scholar, and a real fighter against racism, capitalism, patriarchy, xenophobia, and imperialism). Worshiping white people isn't revolutionary. What is revolutionary is loving Blackness, building resources, growing institutions, opposing imperialism, fighting capitalist exploitation, and advancing unity plus power among the black collective worldwide. That's revolutionary. So, Tariq Nasheed enjoy capitalist profit, he rejects any action of a class struggle (which can solve problems), and he ironically believes in many of the same views of far right extremists. Corey Holcomb is another person who supports a racist like Mike Rappaport. He is wrong period. I have great respect for Sister Kirsten West Savali.

Umar Johnson (whose original name was Jermaine Shoemake) is now trying to threaten to beat certain people up and use ad hominem attacks against black people (he called black people "trifling black folks" because of his funding efforts. There are controversies on whether he has a real degree in psychology or not. He also mocked the name of Boyce Watkins too). Boyce Watkins is not equivalent Johnson and Nasheed. Watkins has not written books promoting macking. Yet, he has turned from old school progressive views and embraced black capitalism knowing that black capitalism doesn't benefit all black people (only mostly the upper middle class and the rich who are black). He or Boyce believes that economic empowerment primarily will save us. That isn't the case, because you need both political power and economic power to grow. If someone has no plan or program to help poor and working class black people right now (in fighting poverty and growing wages), then that person is not a revolutionary period. If a person has no plan to address health care, the environment, and housing, then that person is not a revolutionary. Boyce wants many black people to quit jobs and form businesses. The problem with that is that it is infeasible. We just don't need businesses. We need teachers, plumbers, STEM field experts, doctors, lawyers, and other jobs necessary to grow the black community. Job-shaming is wrong, because even being a business owner is a job. We should use our jobs in benefiting our people collectively beyond just individual pursuits. Also, not every black person desires to be a business owner. Some black people have other aspirations and they have the right to fulfill their diverse aspirations. Financial literacy is great, but that literacy must exclude condescension and classism. Blaming black people for generational poverty is the essence of self hatred.

Boyce Watkins is the type of person who uses kid gloves in exposing Hoteps (plus showing a passive aggressive attitude about Umar) for fear of losing support from the Hoteps. As vulgar, misogynistic, and rude many Hoteps are, Boyce Watkins shouldn't coddle them. Boyce doesn't want to call them out in a strong, uncompromising fashion. Even when he does praise many women in positive ways, he has been criticized by online Hoteps. Boyce Watkins is increasingly cursing when he didn't do this a lot in his previous issues.  Watkins needs to realize that an economic system based on the exploitation and brutality of black people can never be infallible or the means to cause black freedom. Boyce also criticizes feminism when feminism just means equality, autonomy, and justice. Many people are womanists too and I have no issue with womanism as it addresses the needs of black women. Umar Johnson's disrespect of his child's mother and other black women like Khym Ringgold is truly disgusting and evil plus pathetic.

Since I love to delve into controversial topics, let's go there. Recently Boyce Watkins have used many smears about Yvette Carnell, because it is found that Watkins got much of his business blueprint from the inspiration of Charles Wu (who made a statement that he used Boyce as a means to sell hope to black people). Now, Boyce is trying to defend himself. Boyce is a person who is the type that was a mainline progressive writer many years ago. Now, he is into Hotepism, and black capitalism. He believes that weaves contributes to economic poverty in the black community, which is false and ludicrous. Watkins shaming black women who voluntarily decide to wear weaves is sexist and ignorant. Boyce also increasingly uses profanity as a means to act like he means business, but he has used the same, tired strategy that doesn't benefit the black collective. I don't agree with Carnell's xenophobia (about immigrants), but she is 100 percent right that black people need both political and economic power. There is no economic power without political power period.

One example is that it took unions, protesters, and collective activism to create the 40 hour work week, Social Security, the minimum wage, and other economic benefits (which was established by people demanding the government to do something about injustices) that many take for granted. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with black businesses and financial literacy. Yet, we also need living wages, environmental protections, the promotion of anti-poverty actions to help a wide spectrum of black people not just the upper middle class or the rich (who are the primary people who will benefit from Watkins' "Black Business School." Boyce Watkins acts immature in calling people "dusty" if they disagree with him). He is the same one criticizing rappers who glamorize evils (and those rappers who do such things should be criticized), but he is speaking the same language that those rappers use in trying to defend himself.

You will notice that Boyce doesn't talk about environmental issues, living wages, strikes, even anti-imperialism massively, or working rights issues since he shams people with jobs when even a business owner by definition is a job. Economic justice means a radical redistribution of economic and political power to benefit the masses of the people. I have much more respect for Yvette Carnell, because she offers more realistic advice on solutions (and promotes great books like The Color of Law and The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap) which deals with collective growth of black political power. Also, many folks are using this issue as an excuse to promote the colorblind myth that if we are to be free then we must disregard our black heritage. That's nonsense since we can honor our black identity, love our Blackness, love Africa, and honor the family of humanity at the same time.

The family of Frederick Douglas has criticized Umar Johnson because of his words about Douglas. Umar Johnson not only has shown no display of the accountability with the money that he has in his plan for his school. He hasn't sought the advice of professionals in a higher level (who have actually established successful African-centered schools), he lacks an extensive, public curriculum, and he has not an economic plan in getting the school building. Solutions require a plan and preparation and Umar didn't prepare properly along with his many reactionary views being wrong. Therefore, both of those males (Tariq Nasheed and Umar Johnson) are distractions. Tommy Sotomayor is a total anti-black woman hater. I have no respect for Tommy Sotomayor at all.

There is a clear difference between accurate, authentic Black Scholarship (which focuses on true Black Consciousness. John Henrik Clarke, Malcolm X, Dr. King, and other Brothers and Sisters have shown true black scholarship for a long time) and the Hotep Movement (which revels in misogynoir, inaccuracies, bigotry, and vulgarity). The truth is that being pro-black doesn't mean acting in an immature fashion filled with vile rhetoric. Being pro-black means yes we love our Blackness (and we love Africa), but we don't express unjustified hatred against another human being because that person happens to be another color. That means (in being pro-black), we respect black women (Tariq and Umar are known for making false statements about black women involving hair, dating, etc. Umar and Tariq are known to promote archaic, false, and Victorian views on dating and relationships. Tariq is known to call women out of their names when they disagree with him). One secret in life is that true Power comes from the control of resources, institutions, and industries. That is what we should advocate. Black people should always promote justice and that entails creating our own resources, institutions, and industries and controlling them in a fair way where workers are treated right, wages are living wages, and those who are poor are helped in a compassionate fashion. Dr. King teaches us about tolerance and human rights. Malcolm X after his Hajj spoke openly about the brotherhood of humanity in his speeches. Therefore, we have to deal with reality and that reality is that the liberation of black people is a must, but we have to use logic, real solutions (in dealing with fighting poverty, expanding health care, expanding black cultural growth, growing housing, growing black enterprises, promoting pan-African unity, etc.), and honesty in getting us to that point of true black liberation.

These are my final views on this issue.

By Timothy

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Views.

If Toni Morrison gives the stamp of approval to Brother Ta-Nehisi Coates, then that means a lot. Ta-Nehisi Coates is brilliant and he’s a great writer. His words are eloquent. Yes, I have known about the Negro Report of 1965. Now, the Moynihan Report was created in 1965. It offered no solutions or explicit recommendations. We have to keep it 100. The report blamed not just black culture (which is ignorant since black culture is diverse). It also blamed matriarchal society (which is code language for single black mothers when matriarchal, progressive societies have existed for thousands of years) for the problems in the black community. This report has slandered single black women and the Moynihan Report has been used by conservatives and other folks who love misogynoir as a means for them to promote the myth that forcing all black people to have nuclear families will cure poverty and racism. Now, Moynihan became bitter and he allied with Nixon (who wanted to hurt black poor people as admitted in his secret tapes). Also, Moynihan even wanted black males to have jobs even if it meant that black women lose theirs in some measure. That’s sexist. Black people of both genders have the right to have a job. The view that black culture in poor communities inherently leads into pathologies is racist period. I don’t believe that black culture is inferior to other cultures.

I don’t believe that the suffering poor should be neglected. They should be empowered with resources and investments from all levels of government. The stereotypical lie of the black poor as solely seeking welfare dependency, violence, and social nihilism is the height of overt racism and classism. There is a lot of talk about personal responsibility, but the report lacked to emphasis the social responsibility of society to promote the general welfare. The conservatives talk about welfare, but in the past 40 years, the social safety net has been depleted in communities nationwide (via deindustralization, our civil rights gains being rolled back, urban renewal of the 50's and the 60's, bad trade deals, discrimination, and other neo-liberal policies from both major parties).

What can be done? The solution is diverse. Now, we do need to improve ourselves. I have no problem with self-determination and building more of our institutions. There is nothing wrong with us using grassroots programs in our community to help us as a people (from mentorships, apprenticeships, and other social actions). There is nothing wrong with advancing integrity, and a more communal spirit. Yet, I also believe that the mass incarceration state must end. There is a consensus in this country that the prison industrial complex as it is must go. It has ruined families, promoted more discrimination, and ruined so many lives of our Brothers and Sisters. There should be a nationwide increase of the minimum wage. There should be an end to the War on Drugs with alternatives like investments in drug treatment programs, ending mandatory minimum sentences, etc. Community based programs to help families must be increased.

The Kerner Report documented that the rebellions of the 1960's were caused by racism, economic deprivation, and other bad conditions in poor communities. I agree with the Kerner Report and its recommendations.

We want our families to be strengthened. There are strong nuclear, single, and extended families. A strong family doesn’t have to be a nuclear one. There should be job creation programs in especially poor areas. We have a structural problem of oppression that must be addressed. In essence, there must be federal, state, and local social policies to address racism and economic oppression. I believe that Melissa Harris Perry had a great discussion with Ta Neheisi Coates (his article on Moynihan and mass incarceration was superb) on this issue.

By Timothy

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Debate with a Person

Me: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an eloquent spokesman for social justice and human liberty. He expressed revolutionary statements during the duration of his life. In his 1967, THREE EVILS IN SOCIETY speech, he stated the obvious that the ghetto is a domestic colony and that power must be redistributed as a means to give the poor (both black and non black) the just means to control their own destinies. In that same speech, Dr. King was right to say that: "...We cry out against welfare hand outs to the poor but generously approve an oil depletion allowance to make the rich, richer..." The call for economic justice and the defeat of plutocracy is the great calling of our 21st century generation.

 We should never forget other heroes who stood up for justice too like Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X (who by 1965 critique capitalism and he started to condemn the great evil of sexism), Septima Clark, and other brave human beings that expressed sacrifice not submissive to the status quo as a means to confront the powers that be. Ella Baker was a Sister that was a great organizer and she was the Mother of SNCC literally. Ella Baker was just as important in the struggle for human justice as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood a firm stand in recognizing the truth that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.

So, Dr. King loved black people, he loved Africa, and he wanted black self determination to be one concept ingrained in the social consciousness of all those of black African descent. He was a strong religious leader, a socialist, a family man, and a man with great courage & great strength. It takes strength to take blows and a rock without retaliation. It took great strength to handle offensive criticism and to press on. So, we ought to express courage too in our lives to advance the ideal of the BELOVED COMMUNITY.

His last campaigns were the Poor Peoples Campaign and the Memphis Sanitation Workers' strike. Each of those campaigns was about the common people to fight for economic justice, fair wages, and the true defeat against the corrosive conditions of poverty in the world. So, we will never give up. We never gave up when we suffered the Maafa. We never gave up when the capitalist instrument of Western slavery oppressed our ancestors and we never gave up when reactionary brutes used dogs and water to assault our Brothers and our Sisters. So, this fight for a cooperative society continues on. I will maintain my core convictions of truth and creating a humane world.


 Walter Henrickson: What is "social justice" and how is it different from plain old justice? Is it really something that deserves its own ontological category? What other kind of liberty is there besides "human liberty?" Why must power be redistributed? And how does King propose that power be redistributed? And how does he pull off these schemes without compromising human liberty that he supposedly cares so much about?


 Me: Interesting questions and they deserve answers. Now, I will take this one step at a time. Social justice is a type of justice. Justice is a broad goal of liberty, respect, and great opportunities sent to people. Social justice deals with making systems of the world or institutions beneficial to humanity, especially to those who are dispossessed or extremely poor. In essence, social justice is about the creating of a just society via legitimate changes in the economy, labor, the environment, etc. It deserves its own ontological category since there are diverse concepts in the world and these concepts sometimes can’t be pigeonholed into one world or one phrase. Human liberty is a real ideal. There is no other liberty, but human liberty. Yet, black people have the right to affirm their heritage in the world. Power must be redistributed, because power has been unfairly and unjustly utilized throughout the ages.

For example, the serfs in Russia were oppressed by the CZARs. The serf rose up to make power more redistributed among them despite the unfair power grabs done by the czars for centuries in Russia. The slavery in America gave undue power to the slave owners and select corporate interests. The Civil War ended overt slavery and caused power to be redistributed from former slave owners. Many Africans redistributed power stolen from European imperialists after WWII in Ghana, Nigeria, and other nations. So, REDISTRIBUTION is not evil in every circumstance. Our wealth has been stolen by the military industrial complex, the FED, Wall Street, and other entities to be sent to foreign banks and multinational corporate interests. Wealth redistributed that has been stolen by SELECT interests is not immoral.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted an ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS, wealth sent to the people that funded the Vietnam, an agency to deal with poverty, a guaranteed annual income, the funding of black institutions, and other solutions to handle this issue of oppression (with redistribution of wealth, fair taxation, ending unfair tax allowances, the ending of the Vietnam War, etc.). Human liberty is important, but liberty is not nihilism. See, reactionaries claim to want liberty, but they want the MARKET to lack accountability and to lack morality.

 See, they want to lecture us on family values, but refuse to promote boundaries in the conduct of economic interests. You can’t do what you want, so the markets can’t do what it wants. There should be boundaries on POWER and revolutionary solutions in the world. There is nothing wrong with saying Black is Beautiful too and there is nothing wrong with fighting for my black interests in the world too.

-By Timothy (Me)

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Great Conservation with the Sister Courtney

Courtney: Hey truth. These pics are a riot. :)

Me: I am back. Hello to You Courtney. Yes, those pictures are adorable. :)

Courtney: Hello Truth2436577 I'm still laughing at those two pigtails that 318 is rocking in her avatar. lmaoo!!!

Me: Those are some old school pigtails. I have not seen those since the late 1980's and the early 1990's.

Courtney: and yet, I would take those two pigtails any day, over having to sit for eons while my mom braided my hair with seemed like a thousand little braids. lol

Me: LOL. How long did your mom braid your hair. I heard that it could take hours.

Courtney: it always seemed to come when I was outside playing with everyone, here she come calling, talking about come inside so I can do your hair. ugh!!! like an hour or hour and a half if she was moisturizing my scalp. lmao. I would be so mad.

Me: Well, a mama has to do what a mama has to do Sista.
Mama has to handle that business. God bless your Mother.

Courtney: you boys were always so lucky that you never ever had to deal with that. lol. but seriously, she was still doing my hair here and there well into my 20's. I would ask her too. :)

Me: Aww that is so Sweet of your Mother. :)
As a Brother, I only wash my hair once a month except for the summer, because of obvious reasons. I wash my hair 2-3 times a month during the Summertime.

Courtney: Thanks. So I have to ask, do you have dreads?

Me: No, I am a low cut haired Brother. I can grow my hair long though. I have my distinctive goatee. I have a mustache too. :) I love my goatee since it represents my individuality as a man. Whether we Brothers wear dreads or not, we are just expressing our freedom from cultural colonialism as Brother Malcolm X said many decades ago. All in all, I love to learn information and I love to kick my flavor and my rhythm no doubt Sister. :)

Courtney: uh ohh. you have a carl weathers mustache? lol im just playing. goatees are great. beards and goatees are great. :)Anyway, nothing wrong with individuality. :) Im all for it.

Me: LOL. You are too funny. You got jokes, but I like it Sista. I like your humor here. We can be loose and enjoy life as a means to improve our immunity and be further inspired to fight for truth. I dig your swagger Sister on the real. :)

Courtney: I'm glad you get it. Some people on here like the warden likes to make a mountain out of a mole hill. lol. anyway. no problem, Its saturday and it seems pleasant on disqus today so far ,with everyone. :) With Blackheywood , you and edud01 still teaching truth, :) I was not aware that I have swagger. lol

Right. Life is too short. So, we should live our lives in balance filled with humor including fun and doing the serious work of helping our people. Well, you do have that swag even you did not realize it at first. It is what it is. :) LOL.
Thank you Sister for mentioning Brothers like us teaching the truth. So many Sisters are teaching the truth as well like you, Immyskin318, Erica, Dandelion, Evette, KJ, and so many others. There is nothing like inspiration, positive vibes, and true LOVE existing in the world too. :). I am so glad to communicate with a great, wonderful soul like you. I am so glad to enjoy your insights on various issues and themes of life. Since our communication signifies the fact that Brothers and Sisters can be allies (with our similarities and differences). We can unite, laugh, and be inspired to do what is right. Me as a black man and you as a black woman are still fighting for our liberation. I appreciate you and I respect you as a full human being. :)

Courtney: I agree. These people that you and I are mentioning, and a few more are the reason why I come on here.... So thank you. Your vibe is so much appreciated by us. :) I respect you as a full human being and the others as well. It's the kind of energy that we should strive for with each other but when those that try to disrupt that vibe, come at us, they will be dealt with accordingly as well... The people that we've mentioned have not started anything to warrant the disrespect that some on here try to give out. They fail to understand that we are all well balanced and can deal on many levels when needed. :)

Me: I agree too. This is a great conversation. God Bless you. :)

Courtney: Thank you and likewise. It's finally cooling off outside. It was scorching today. :(

Me: Well, Fall is Coming Sista. Don't fret, the end of the scorching is upon us. Fall is like a cooler season. :)

Courtney: I am looking forward to it for sure. Fall is beautiful, especially with the color changes of trees. And the weather is perfect.

Me: Yeah, Tell me about it, Sweetie. There is something special about Fall. What is strange though is the day light saving time, which occurs in the autumn season. I live in Virginia and it gets dark in like 5:30 pm. EST everyday during the Fall, which is strange. The yellowish leaves and orange like leaves bring out the beauty of fall. The weather is great.

Courtney: I know what you mean. I was raised in NY and you are right about it getting dark so early,The fall makes you so aware that things gradually go away,(different form of life) only to await the arrival of new come spring. :) Nothing like the cool air of fall and wearing light sweaters and boots and no jacket. :)

Me: LOL. Fall is great. I wear my hoodie during the time. I wear my jacket too in the Fall. I do not need boots since it doesn't snow that much in SE Virginia. During the late fall, I wear my large coat with designs on it. Fall is a special time since you feel a closeness with loved ones, family, and friends. I relax more about life. Also, in the end of fall is when the real cold air comes in. Yes, Fall is special. :)

Courtney: OH. I would of thought that it snowed a lot there.Hoodies are an essential piece of clothing to have. But growing up in NY, I use to love to see the 14 plus inches when we did get them. I would just light up seeing that.. :) NOw, digging out the car was something different but so much fun to drive in with rear wheel. lol when I didn't get stuck. lol I swear, if I ever win the lottery, i'm mo st definitely am going to buy a serious log house in the mountains somewhere, with a bear skin rug, in front of a fire place. Just to get away. :)

Me: In Central Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Western Virginia, snow can come down a lot during the Winter time. In SE Virginia, snow doesn't acuminate in very high degrees at all. The rest of your comments are funny. LOL. At least for the time being, you do not have to experience that much snow. :) In New York, snow can be vicious at times.

Courtney: Understood. Virginia , is pretty big. :) Yes ,that kind of snow, is not for the faint of heart. lol and still, there are places that get it worst than that. smh. As long as I have a mug of hot cocoa, family and some board games, a good movie ,all is good. :)

Me: Well, New York is a pretty large state too where real folks live in (or come from). :) I live in SE Virginia (where it has a moderate climate. It is not too hot or not too cold, except during the Summer). Right, large snow is no joke. You just listed the great formula for how human beings can relax when terrible snow falls on a community. I remember drinking hot cocoa back in the late 1990's when I was a teenager. Everybody loves hot cocoa too. :)

Courtney: Never to old for hot cocoa and because we are grown, you can spice it up a bit. lol You are right, people don't realize just how huge NY really is. They think Ny, and they automatically picture the 5 boroughs. lol. Some places in NY are extremely country. You have your suburban areas as well as rural areas. Never been to Virginia per say, just through parts of it.I heard it's great for military families.

Me: Indeed. :)
New York is large and it is diverse culturally and environmentally. NY has beaches and mountain ranges as well. Yes, in Virginia we have the suburbs of Northern Virginia and the rural locations of Southampton County or other counties. Virginia is filled with military families. VA has a strong military culture. I am used to it. There has ROTC in full effect when I was high school. A lot of sweet classmates that I know were in ROTC including the military like the Nice Sister named Taheinish (She is a real human being and she is a very hard worker indeed). Many of the VA families have relatives involved in the military too. Yet, this doesn't mean that I lack insight in comprehending the world picture. I am still a conscious Black Man with my own independent thoughts just like you as a gracious, strong, and sweet Black Woman. My mother loves rural areas and my father loves more urban settings. I have been to both settings before.

Courtney: VA was on the list of possibilities to move to because of the military but decided it was best for my family to be near more family. And you are right,does not mean we do not understand the bigger picture. Its great to know that you have real human beings surrounding and interacting,Your parents are sweet and I'm quite sure they compromised a lot . :) Both of mine are from Louisiana but moved to ny after graduating college. I feel like growing up in Ny but having been taught southern principals made me a well adjusted.So, I like my home to be more suburban,rural, but far and close enough to the city settings. :)

At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you and your family. It is your life, Sister. :)
We both know great friends and other great human beings that we know in our lives from the past and the present. They have shaped us, inspired us , and gave us respect as human beings. I like medium sized city surroundings to reside in, but I love rural locations as well. Folks from the rural areas have a down to Earth personality. They are strong and hardworking in their fundamental characteristics. The rural human beings represents a large portion of the real heart and soul of America. My parents did sacrifice a lot for me. I have my father's interests in politics including his masculine nature and I have my mother's sensitivity (and her humanitarian nature). I have relatives that live in rural locations as well, so it is what it is. Also, your great Nature is a product of your wonderful parents too. So, you should be glad of existing with your great human character, your great intelligence, your humor, and your great loving Nature. :) Everyone here in this forum is blessed by you since you are a real Blessing. I will always love your gifts in the Universe. All of the real folks in this forum care for you and love you as a wonderful human being :)