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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Debate with a Person

Me: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was an eloquent spokesman for social justice and human liberty. He expressed revolutionary statements during the duration of his life. In his 1967, THREE EVILS IN SOCIETY speech, he stated the obvious that the ghetto is a domestic colony and that power must be redistributed as a means to give the poor (both black and non black) the just means to control their own destinies. In that same speech, Dr. King was right to say that: "...We cry out against welfare hand outs to the poor but generously approve an oil depletion allowance to make the rich, richer..." The call for economic justice and the defeat of plutocracy is the great calling of our 21st century generation.

 We should never forget other heroes who stood up for justice too like Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X (who by 1965 critique capitalism and he started to condemn the great evil of sexism), Septima Clark, and other brave human beings that expressed sacrifice not submissive to the status quo as a means to confront the powers that be. Ella Baker was a Sister that was a great organizer and she was the Mother of SNCC literally. Ella Baker was just as important in the struggle for human justice as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood a firm stand in recognizing the truth that BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.

So, Dr. King loved black people, he loved Africa, and he wanted black self determination to be one concept ingrained in the social consciousness of all those of black African descent. He was a strong religious leader, a socialist, a family man, and a man with great courage & great strength. It takes strength to take blows and a rock without retaliation. It took great strength to handle offensive criticism and to press on. So, we ought to express courage too in our lives to advance the ideal of the BELOVED COMMUNITY.

His last campaigns were the Poor Peoples Campaign and the Memphis Sanitation Workers' strike. Each of those campaigns was about the common people to fight for economic justice, fair wages, and the true defeat against the corrosive conditions of poverty in the world. So, we will never give up. We never gave up when we suffered the Maafa. We never gave up when the capitalist instrument of Western slavery oppressed our ancestors and we never gave up when reactionary brutes used dogs and water to assault our Brothers and our Sisters. So, this fight for a cooperative society continues on. I will maintain my core convictions of truth and creating a humane world.


 Walter Henrickson: What is "social justice" and how is it different from plain old justice? Is it really something that deserves its own ontological category? What other kind of liberty is there besides "human liberty?" Why must power be redistributed? And how does King propose that power be redistributed? And how does he pull off these schemes without compromising human liberty that he supposedly cares so much about?


 Me: Interesting questions and they deserve answers. Now, I will take this one step at a time. Social justice is a type of justice. Justice is a broad goal of liberty, respect, and great opportunities sent to people. Social justice deals with making systems of the world or institutions beneficial to humanity, especially to those who are dispossessed or extremely poor. In essence, social justice is about the creating of a just society via legitimate changes in the economy, labor, the environment, etc. It deserves its own ontological category since there are diverse concepts in the world and these concepts sometimes can’t be pigeonholed into one world or one phrase. Human liberty is a real ideal. There is no other liberty, but human liberty. Yet, black people have the right to affirm their heritage in the world. Power must be redistributed, because power has been unfairly and unjustly utilized throughout the ages.

For example, the serfs in Russia were oppressed by the CZARs. The serf rose up to make power more redistributed among them despite the unfair power grabs done by the czars for centuries in Russia. The slavery in America gave undue power to the slave owners and select corporate interests. The Civil War ended overt slavery and caused power to be redistributed from former slave owners. Many Africans redistributed power stolen from European imperialists after WWII in Ghana, Nigeria, and other nations. So, REDISTRIBUTION is not evil in every circumstance. Our wealth has been stolen by the military industrial complex, the FED, Wall Street, and other entities to be sent to foreign banks and multinational corporate interests. Wealth redistributed that has been stolen by SELECT interests is not immoral.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted an ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS, wealth sent to the people that funded the Vietnam, an agency to deal with poverty, a guaranteed annual income, the funding of black institutions, and other solutions to handle this issue of oppression (with redistribution of wealth, fair taxation, ending unfair tax allowances, the ending of the Vietnam War, etc.). Human liberty is important, but liberty is not nihilism. See, reactionaries claim to want liberty, but they want the MARKET to lack accountability and to lack morality.

 See, they want to lecture us on family values, but refuse to promote boundaries in the conduct of economic interests. You can’t do what you want, so the markets can’t do what it wants. There should be boundaries on POWER and revolutionary solutions in the world. There is nothing wrong with saying Black is Beautiful too and there is nothing wrong with fighting for my black interests in the world too.

-By Timothy (Me)

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Great Conservation with the Sister Courtney

Courtney: Hey truth. These pics are a riot. :)

Me: I am back. Hello to You Courtney. Yes, those pictures are adorable. :)

Courtney: Hello Truth2436577 I'm still laughing at those two pigtails that 318 is rocking in her avatar. lmaoo!!!

Me: Those are some old school pigtails. I have not seen those since the late 1980's and the early 1990's.

Courtney: and yet, I would take those two pigtails any day, over having to sit for eons while my mom braided my hair with seemed like a thousand little braids. lol

Me: LOL. How long did your mom braid your hair. I heard that it could take hours.

Courtney: it always seemed to come when I was outside playing with everyone, here she come calling, talking about come inside so I can do your hair. ugh!!! like an hour or hour and a half if she was moisturizing my scalp. lmao. I would be so mad.

Me: Well, a mama has to do what a mama has to do Sista.
Mama has to handle that business. God bless your Mother.

Courtney: you boys were always so lucky that you never ever had to deal with that. lol. but seriously, she was still doing my hair here and there well into my 20's. I would ask her too. :)

Me: Aww that is so Sweet of your Mother. :)
As a Brother, I only wash my hair once a month except for the summer, because of obvious reasons. I wash my hair 2-3 times a month during the Summertime.

Courtney: Thanks. So I have to ask, do you have dreads?

Me: No, I am a low cut haired Brother. I can grow my hair long though. I have my distinctive goatee. I have a mustache too. :) I love my goatee since it represents my individuality as a man. Whether we Brothers wear dreads or not, we are just expressing our freedom from cultural colonialism as Brother Malcolm X said many decades ago. All in all, I love to learn information and I love to kick my flavor and my rhythm no doubt Sister. :)

Courtney: uh ohh. you have a carl weathers mustache? lol im just playing. goatees are great. beards and goatees are great. :)Anyway, nothing wrong with individuality. :) Im all for it.

Me: LOL. You are too funny. You got jokes, but I like it Sista. I like your humor here. We can be loose and enjoy life as a means to improve our immunity and be further inspired to fight for truth. I dig your swagger Sister on the real. :)

Courtney: I'm glad you get it. Some people on here like the warden likes to make a mountain out of a mole hill. lol. anyway. no problem, Its saturday and it seems pleasant on disqus today so far ,with everyone. :) With Blackheywood , you and edud01 still teaching truth, :) I was not aware that I have swagger. lol

Right. Life is too short. So, we should live our lives in balance filled with humor including fun and doing the serious work of helping our people. Well, you do have that swag even you did not realize it at first. It is what it is. :) LOL.
Thank you Sister for mentioning Brothers like us teaching the truth. So many Sisters are teaching the truth as well like you, Immyskin318, Erica, Dandelion, Evette, KJ, and so many others. There is nothing like inspiration, positive vibes, and true LOVE existing in the world too. :). I am so glad to communicate with a great, wonderful soul like you. I am so glad to enjoy your insights on various issues and themes of life. Since our communication signifies the fact that Brothers and Sisters can be allies (with our similarities and differences). We can unite, laugh, and be inspired to do what is right. Me as a black man and you as a black woman are still fighting for our liberation. I appreciate you and I respect you as a full human being. :)

Courtney: I agree. These people that you and I are mentioning, and a few more are the reason why I come on here.... So thank you. Your vibe is so much appreciated by us. :) I respect you as a full human being and the others as well. It's the kind of energy that we should strive for with each other but when those that try to disrupt that vibe, come at us, they will be dealt with accordingly as well... The people that we've mentioned have not started anything to warrant the disrespect that some on here try to give out. They fail to understand that we are all well balanced and can deal on many levels when needed. :)

Me: I agree too. This is a great conversation. God Bless you. :)

Courtney: Thank you and likewise. It's finally cooling off outside. It was scorching today. :(

Me: Well, Fall is Coming Sista. Don't fret, the end of the scorching is upon us. Fall is like a cooler season. :)

Courtney: I am looking forward to it for sure. Fall is beautiful, especially with the color changes of trees. And the weather is perfect.

Me: Yeah, Tell me about it, Sweetie. There is something special about Fall. What is strange though is the day light saving time, which occurs in the autumn season. I live in Virginia and it gets dark in like 5:30 pm. EST everyday during the Fall, which is strange. The yellowish leaves and orange like leaves bring out the beauty of fall. The weather is great.

Courtney: I know what you mean. I was raised in NY and you are right about it getting dark so early,The fall makes you so aware that things gradually go away,(different form of life) only to await the arrival of new come spring. :) Nothing like the cool air of fall and wearing light sweaters and boots and no jacket. :)

Me: LOL. Fall is great. I wear my hoodie during the time. I wear my jacket too in the Fall. I do not need boots since it doesn't snow that much in SE Virginia. During the late fall, I wear my large coat with designs on it. Fall is a special time since you feel a closeness with loved ones, family, and friends. I relax more about life. Also, in the end of fall is when the real cold air comes in. Yes, Fall is special. :)

Courtney: OH. I would of thought that it snowed a lot there.Hoodies are an essential piece of clothing to have. But growing up in NY, I use to love to see the 14 plus inches when we did get them. I would just light up seeing that.. :) NOw, digging out the car was something different but so much fun to drive in with rear wheel. lol when I didn't get stuck. lol I swear, if I ever win the lottery, i'm mo st definitely am going to buy a serious log house in the mountains somewhere, with a bear skin rug, in front of a fire place. Just to get away. :)

Me: In Central Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Western Virginia, snow can come down a lot during the Winter time. In SE Virginia, snow doesn't acuminate in very high degrees at all. The rest of your comments are funny. LOL. At least for the time being, you do not have to experience that much snow. :) In New York, snow can be vicious at times.

Courtney: Understood. Virginia , is pretty big. :) Yes ,that kind of snow, is not for the faint of heart. lol and still, there are places that get it worst than that. smh. As long as I have a mug of hot cocoa, family and some board games, a good movie ,all is good. :)

Me: Well, New York is a pretty large state too where real folks live in (or come from). :) I live in SE Virginia (where it has a moderate climate. It is not too hot or not too cold, except during the Summer). Right, large snow is no joke. You just listed the great formula for how human beings can relax when terrible snow falls on a community. I remember drinking hot cocoa back in the late 1990's when I was a teenager. Everybody loves hot cocoa too. :)

Courtney: Never to old for hot cocoa and because we are grown, you can spice it up a bit. lol You are right, people don't realize just how huge NY really is. They think Ny, and they automatically picture the 5 boroughs. lol. Some places in NY are extremely country. You have your suburban areas as well as rural areas. Never been to Virginia per say, just through parts of it.I heard it's great for military families.

Me: Indeed. :)
New York is large and it is diverse culturally and environmentally. NY has beaches and mountain ranges as well. Yes, in Virginia we have the suburbs of Northern Virginia and the rural locations of Southampton County or other counties. Virginia is filled with military families. VA has a strong military culture. I am used to it. There has ROTC in full effect when I was high school. A lot of sweet classmates that I know were in ROTC including the military like the Nice Sister named Taheinish (She is a real human being and she is a very hard worker indeed). Many of the VA families have relatives involved in the military too. Yet, this doesn't mean that I lack insight in comprehending the world picture. I am still a conscious Black Man with my own independent thoughts just like you as a gracious, strong, and sweet Black Woman. My mother loves rural areas and my father loves more urban settings. I have been to both settings before.

Courtney: VA was on the list of possibilities to move to because of the military but decided it was best for my family to be near more family. And you are right,does not mean we do not understand the bigger picture. Its great to know that you have real human beings surrounding and interacting,Your parents are sweet and I'm quite sure they compromised a lot . :) Both of mine are from Louisiana but moved to ny after graduating college. I feel like growing up in Ny but having been taught southern principals made me a well adjusted.So, I like my home to be more suburban,rural, but far and close enough to the city settings. :)

At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you and your family. It is your life, Sister. :)
We both know great friends and other great human beings that we know in our lives from the past and the present. They have shaped us, inspired us , and gave us respect as human beings. I like medium sized city surroundings to reside in, but I love rural locations as well. Folks from the rural areas have a down to Earth personality. They are strong and hardworking in their fundamental characteristics. The rural human beings represents a large portion of the real heart and soul of America. My parents did sacrifice a lot for me. I have my father's interests in politics including his masculine nature and I have my mother's sensitivity (and her humanitarian nature). I have relatives that live in rural locations as well, so it is what it is. Also, your great Nature is a product of your wonderful parents too. So, you should be glad of existing with your great human character, your great intelligence, your humor, and your great loving Nature. :) Everyone here in this forum is blessed by you since you are a real Blessing. I will always love your gifts in the Universe. All of the real folks in this forum care for you and love you as a wonderful human being :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Discussions

George HilbertModerator9 hours ago
Let's see, we have a teacher who violated the "sacred cow" rule by making disparaging remarks about a government-protected and fostered group, the "gays." What if he had made remarks of a similar tenor against Nazis? Not a govt-protected group? Then, no backlash.
Then, we have a disparaging remark against a member of the country's royalty, Queen Obama. What if he had made remarks of a similar tenor against Ann Coulter? Not of royal blood? Then, no backlash.
We have questions of:
Academic freedom denied
The government's right to run the country's schools, since they are highly partisan, but more importantly, they do a notoriously bad job of educating the country's young people.
Stifling of opposing views (and the quenching of non-institutional lines of thinking of students from fear of sanctions; they see what can happen to those who "think outside of the box

My Response:

This is not about agreement or disagreement with a lifestyle in a peaceful tone. It is about an educator acting in a proficiently bad behavior. Private and public educational facilities have specifically concrete code of conduct rules. What he said was wrong and a lie since the First Lady is beautiful and she is not overweight. He is a teacher spewing immature commentary and he set a bad example for the students in the classroom. Your anti-government radical fetish doesn't work here since the government doesn't rule over all schools. We have private schools in America too. Also, all Americans are protected under the federal Bill of Rights and federal Constitution (which were established by the people. The government is made by and for the people. We don't need tyrannical government of course, but real, efficient government that can promote the general welfare of all Americans). States rights are never superior to human rights. In other words, Human rights are superior to anything that state authorities can execute. He would of gotten the same treatment if he supported the Nazis via harmful terms. Also, the Nazis were terrorists and criticizing them in reasonable terms is not immoral at all. No one is calling Michelle Obama royalty or that she can do whatever she wants to. He would be still wrong if he said such comments about the reactionary Ann Coulter as well.

We are saying that she is a beautiful Black Sister deserving of dignity and respect regardless if you agree with her policies or not. All real Black Women are Queens anyway, so reactionary rhetoric doesn't move me. There should be reforms in education without condemning all public schools as this monolithic block of only struggling institutions. Some public schools are working and some need radical improvements. This has nothing to do with academic freedom. It has to with a violation of a school's code of conduct and another person outlining a slur against the First Lady as well. That was wrong too. It is about bigotry having no place in the school house whether in public or private locations. Firm debate among many ideological viewpoints ought to be cherished in schools not demonizing remarks about human beings in a cowardly fashion. Not to mention as a black man, I will never ally with an ignorant man demonizing a black woman at any circumstance.

-By Timothy (Me)



You are definitely correct that fatherless families and even those who did not finish high school can succeed, but the statistics are never in their favor (regardless of race).
Cultural dynamics also play a big factor. A friend of mine (non-white) who teaches school in a culturally mixed neighborhood in a major US City, told me that after school when black and Hispanic children are outside playing on the school grounds, he finds mostly Asian kids in the library studying.
These statistics are a few years old: Chinese-, Filipino-, Indian-, Vietnamese-, Korean- and Japanese-Americans median household income is $66,000 for Asian Americans, compared to 
$49,800 for Americans as a whole; median household wealth is $83,500 vs. $68,529. Nearly half of all Asian American adults (49%) have a college 
degree, compared to 28% of adults in the country as a whole. And Asian Americans are more satisfied with their lives overall (82% vs. 75%), their personal finances (51% vs. 35%) and the general direction of the country (43% vs. 21%).
Over $60,000 a year annual income for Arab Americans and Iranian Americans, 20% higher than average American income. Why are they statistically doing better than American and European white counter parts? Just like with Jews, the difference is in education, family values, and cultural dynamics.

My Response:

You use the conservative argument that we must improve cultural dynamics in society. You are correct in the sense that we must advance more intellectualism and more morality in our community as one part of the overall solution to the issue of the black community. Yet, not all blacks are monolithic. Most blacks are not criminals, rapists, thieves, and felonious villains. Many black Americans are in the libraries, they are studying, and they fighting for a better life. It is just that the mainstream media rarely reports on these things. Much of our suffering comes not only by family breakups, cultural issues, and other things. It also does come from socioeconomic factors, discrimination, lax education, lax health care, other forms of racism, and corporate exploitation too (which the liberals are right on). So, you are correct that a more strong male influence should be in the black community (in favor of balance not male supremacy though. Male supremacy is an Eurocentric, white supremacy model. It is an anti-African cultural theme. Males and females are created equal and should have equality in the household indeed), but we must abolish institutionalized racism and white supremacy too as the progressives are right about.

The conservatives are right in that males should have a more active, balanced role in the family and the progressives are right in that we should defeat white supremacy once and for all (and many social programs and the social safety net has done a lot of good for society. The destruction of much of the social safety net by the reactionary extremists has contributed to the economic problems that we witness today). The culture of poverty is a systematic agenda of reactionaries and I will not blame the victim for their own oppression totally at all. It is not in my genes or in my soul to do so. Many Asian ethnic groups have higher family incomes and lower poverty rates than many whites. The reason is that many Asian, Iranian, Arabic, and African immigrants coming to America already have a high income and educational attainment rates than many whites before immigrating to the States. That is one reason on why they have high income levels. It is not because of affirmative action that they are able to “jump ahead” of anyone or that they are superior genetically to African Americans (which they are not). Many immigrants have not suffered like Brothers and Sisters in America have suffered in terms of Jim Crow, poverty, the Maafa, scapegoating, racial profiling, etc. Although, many immigrants have suffered discrimination though. I will admit to that.

So, because Asians are concentrated in a handful of states (Hawaii, California, New York, etc.) then they have higher incomes than the national average. Also, the higher costs of living, aggregate Asian income will be higher than the same for whites, who are spread throughout the United States. But when whites and Asians are in the same state or in the same community, then they are compared; whites earn far higher incomes and have lower rates of poverty. Indeed, within the same cities, Asian poverty rates tend to be double the rate for whites. Likewise, when we compare whites and Asians with comparable educations, whites earn anywhere from 14-28 percent more than their Asian American counterparts. This reality deals with discrimination and the system of white supremacy not because racial inferiority among anyone (since all humans are created equal). If the Homestead Act, the New Deal, the GI Bill, etc. were given to folks, then black human beings deserve real justice as well. There is nothing wrong with great families, great culture, and great education (We all need that). Yet, you can have all of that and nothing will change massively without economic & social justice. That is the point. There are numerous strong families with strong culture, but they live in poverty or homelessness. Some are in poverty by no fault of their own. So, the solution to this issue is a comprehensive holistic approach where individual and collective power is needed to end this scourge of poverty and racial discrimination (including white supremacy, which is the ultimate origin of this oppressive system in the first place).

 By Timothy (Me)


Sandy Jones: Lol, you figured it all out all by yourself there Dr. Hater racist. You sound just like a Professor teaching at a real University. Most white people and black people don't understand why a white women is wanted so badly by the black men that seek them out. But you figured out. WOW. HEHEHEHEHE LOL

My Response: I can respond in a million different ways. Here is one. Now, black human beings (among both genders) have displayed great intellectual curiosity since the dawn of black human existence, so your words are typical of folks like you. I do not hate you. I choose not to date folks like you. I choose not to marry folks like you. I choose not to worship folks like you or grovel at your feet. I worship God and I romantically love Black Women with all of my heart. So, all humans should be treated with dignity and respect, but as a Black Man I will love Black Women with a great Love beyond apage LOVE. Black Men and Black Women in history refuted folks like you intellectually. Now, what I have mentioned details specific black human beings with self hatred. It is accurate and you have not outlined why my words are racist at all. See, these words are not racist, because it is a reality is that some black human beings date or marry white women for purposes of self hatred and low self esteem (including not realizing the greatness of their BLACKNESS). That is a documented fact. I never outlined the proposition that I have all answers or that I deciphered all knowledge. Also, Sandy, most Black Men love Black Women. Most Black Women love Black Men. Nice try though. So, most black men do not seek white women at all. Many white women seek out black men in real life. Therefore, Black Unity and Black Love are superior to your rhetoric.

What I do mention is that Black Love and Black Power are legitimate actions that black human beings can do as a means to develop further the Black Community. When Black Men and Black Women ally, struggle together for justice, use almsgiving, and humanely advance their interests, then these legitimate activities can benefit all black people, especially in the long one. So, I will be thankful of my black skin melanin. I will be thankful of the strength, intellect,and beauty of Black Women. I will be thankful of the strength, intellect, and integrity of Black Men. I will be thankful of my ancestors including real Brothers & real Sisters then including now that fought for black liberation. I will continue in my life to inspire humanity and to fight for justice for my people point, blank, period, and exclamation point. I with respect the Creator. It is what it is. It is always RBG4Life.

By Timothy (Me)


Me: There is nothing wrong with real economic development. Our goal should be for black human beings to totally run, control, and influence their own resources (without no hands running these resources except for us. That is the real definition of Real Power). The growth of independent infrastructure in the black community is always a great goal to aspire today.

Jamal (the white racist): How is that working you for you in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), South Africa, Haiti and Somalia? Liberia? Blacks destroy any country the infest, period. Being able to speak English and having an education would be a start. But average 65 IQ left of the bell curve savages will never be able to compete with Humans. Sorry! The TRUTH hurts.

Me: You are a racist piece of work. You can never make me angry, but your cowardly self constantly harasses black human beings all of the time. See, there is not a single piece of evidence that black humanity in the world have an average IQ of 65 collectively at all. Many scholars have refuted the claims of the Bell Curve. Black human beings are not savages. We as black human beings are humans created in the image of God. Many African nations suffer via imperialism, neo-imperialism from the West, and other issues not because black human beings in Africa are less than human you liar. If European imperialism never existed in Africa, Africa would be in much better condition today. Your lying self ignores how UN agents and Western imperialists have harmed Haiti with sanctions and other evil policies. Black human beings are human. There are many black communities in the world that are doing the right thing. You conveniently ignore the growth found in Kenya, Nigeria, Namibia, Sierra Leone, and other African nations (which are highly successful nations) since you embrace a distorted, false narrative.

Since you love to throw numbers around. Here are some more. Among black teenagers, 15-19 (almost all of whom are unmarried), birth rates have plummeted since 1991, from 118.2 births for every 1000 such women to only 51.5 births per 1000 women in 2010. And even with the weak economy, black folks are almost 40 percent less likely to be dependent on government benefits now than they were in 1993. Currently, only 1 in 9 African Americans are dependent on various forms of cash or SNAP benefits throughout the course of a given year, down from about 1 in 6 in the early 90s. According to the stats, the same one that points out the 72 percent figure for the share of black births out of wedlock — the birth rate for unmarried black women fell by nearly a third between 1970-2010, from 95.5 births per 1000 unmarried black women at the beginning of that period, to only 65.3 births per 1000 such women by the end of the period. In terms of achievement itself, while white reading scores for 9-year olds on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) have increased about 6 percent since 1971, black scores have risen by 20 percent; among 13-year olds, reading scores barely budged for whites from 1971 to 2008, while rising 12 percent for blacks; and for 17-year olds, white scores remained flat while black scores rose by 11 percent. Likewise, math achievement scores for black 9, 13 and 17-year olds have risen faster since 1971 than scores for whites. These stats are accurate.

The reality is that Africa is not monolithic. Africa has a lot of strong, independent, and honorable human beings. Africa has issues, but Africa still is filled with technology, highways, and other great domestic services. Some of the most beautiful fauna and flora are in America and especially in the Motherland of Africa. Beautiful black women are found in Africa too. That is why I would not mind it if I marry a Black American woman or a Black woman from Africa either.

2BDetermined (A Brother): There you go again! Never educate your enemy. Leave him and his kind in the dark my brother. You and I know the whites got everything through theft and dishonesty. Not to mention they skip out on taxes and swindle other peoples wealth. Each one teach one but, not him.

Me: It is what it is Brother. I rarely respond directly to him. Yet, on this instance I wanted to as a means to show this racist that if I wanted to, I could refute him badly and I did. We can all refute him badly. Your words are correct. Their modern empire was created by conquest, theft, subterfuge including religious deception. Therefore, they have no moral right to lecture any real human about anything. So, we as Brothers and Sisters should continue to fight for global black pan Africanist liberation indeed. Also, After this, I will never respond to him again.

By Timothy (Me)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On Republicans

These are my answers to a great person who wanted questions answered on politics. This person's questions are the following:

TimsomorModerator11 hours ago
Mysteries Of Modern Times (Black Addition):
1. Why is it that thugs are chosen by women to have babies with instead of men who will do right by them?
2. When did being the "Bad Person" become good to Blacks and being "Good Person" become bad to blacks?
3. What can't the average black person realize or identify they have just been confronted with racism or discrimination as it's used today?
4. The difference between The Republican Party then and now, and the difference between the Democratic parties then and now (Used in by some black repubs in statements like "Lincoln was a Republican who freed slave!")?
5. Why some black churches remained largely Republican, as the party showed what if stood for by vivid example?
6. Why some black double down on religion and away from humanity, relationships, and black history.
7. Why are there Black Republicans, even seeing how the party have publicly displayed it's opinion of blacks by example.
If anyone responds, think of things from example or what you have seen.


My answers are the following:

Your first questions involve many controversies. The reality is that many decent black men have children with decent black women. I have male black relatives that have children with wonderful black women. Thugs are thugs and they make up of only a minority of the black community globally. Most black women aren’t into thugs, just men. Thugs in a lower socioeconomic background usually have children with those in the same socioeconomic background. We can talk about thugs all we want (I don’t agree with the thugs’ actions. Some folks obsess with thugs as a means to slyly demonize black women and I abhor that). Yet, if we want solutions, then we have to put the money where our mouths are. We have to go and work in independent programs to help our people, especially our people who are poor. If a person is a decent black man, he doesn’t need to be a fake Nino Brown, but he can just be a man and handle business (and the women will respect you for it). Also, most black people understand the difference between a good black person and bad black person. Western society glamorizes evil on many evils (as classifying bad as righteous or vice versa). Henceforth, some black people try to imitate wickedness as a means to confirm to mainstream Western society (which I see sometimes in my city).

Many black people ignore racism, because some black people are apathetic, some deny it, and others try to minimize discrimination today. Although, most black people know what time it is and know who the enemy is. People say the words about today’s Republicans being massively different from yesteryear for numerous reasons. Republicans back in the day were more progressive (or they wanted human rights to be given to humanity or they desired more government intervention in order for problems to be solved) than the Democrats (back then, they were allied with opposing civil rights policies in the 19th century). It flipped in the 1960’s since the former Dixiecrats moved increasingly into the Republican Party (in response to the Voting Rights Act & the changing of American society. America is more progressive than decades ago). Nixon’s Southern Strategy sealed the deal in allowing many racists into the Republican Party. Some black churches remain Republican, because they want to hold onto a conservative religious agenda. Many black religious centers are socially conservative, while economically liberal. Therefore, to some churches, the Republicans' supposed conservative ideologies appeal to these religious leaders. I think most black people love religion, humanity, relationships, and black history. It’s just that the mainstream media expresses nefarious stereotypes against black people.

Big corporate interests present the lie that most black people lack empathy or lack emotional maturity. Black Republicans exist for numerous reasons. Some Black Republicans like Clarence Thomas and even Mia Love (I disagree with them obviously) feel that some in the black community harbor hatred toward them because of their eclectic political orientation. They are Republicans as a means to feel at home culturally & politically, but they are still oppressed under the same oppressor. Some black Republicans are religiously conservative and others believe in Austrian economics and find the Republican Party appealing for economic justifications. Some blacks are Republicans since they want some old school type of living to be the norm in American society. Some Black Republicans just hate their own black heritage since let’s keep it real and funky right about now.

-By Timothy (Me)


vonveezilModerator1 hour agoin reply to Timsomor
LBJ was one of the Democrats who opposed the Civil Rights act in the 50's. When he signed it into law in '65 he is also quoted as saying " By signing this bills we have made a built in voter block that will never leave us " . And you haven't and what's it gotten you? Destroyed family units, poverty, welfare, murders, ghettos, unemployment and nothing in return. Be a good slave and vote for the Democrats, who are still the slavemasters.

My Response:

truthseeker2436577Moderator0 minutes agoin reply to vonveezil
You are too old to believe in reactionary propaganda or fairy tales. No one said that LBJ was perfect, but he did the right thing to sign civil rights laws in the 1960's. He was right on that issue. To extend human freedoms that relates to voting and civil rights is a great thing. I am an Independent brother. Just because a brother or a sister is a Democrat doesn't mean that individual is some mental slave to Democrat "slavemasters." Blacks from across the political spectrum possess reasonable insight and intellectual freedom to greatly evaluate issues. That old time 19th century rhetoric is silly and offensive. The GOP is responsible for the Patriot Act, the 2007 economic recession, the War on Drugs, the Iraq War, the Southern Strategy, and other evils in our society. Both parties aren't perfect and you are trying to shame blacks to join a political party (presumptively the GOP) that wants our social contract to be nearly eliminated. It won't work. Also, your buddy Ronald Reagan said in 1967 said that he agrees with discrimination as it pertains to housing. Your buddy Mitt Romney said that the government can't create a single job, which is a total lie. Congress itself is made up of government jobs including folks working at post offices nationally.

The poor and middle class pay state, local, and other forms of taxation even (so, these people collectively aren't lazy or lack personal responsibility). Not all family structures in the black community are ruined. Welfare is mostly used by white Americans and welfare is necessary for those that need it (it should not be used for anyone). The poverty rate decreased by the progressive programs from 1945-1975. Ghettoes were originally created by our oppressors as a means to suppress revolution & maintain the status quo. It wasn't invented by blacks collectively at all. Murder from genocides in multiple continents have been done by white supremacists spanning centuries. Other problems that you cite are a product of Reaganomics, trickled down economics, and socioeonomic problems not progressive freedoms at all.

-By Timothy (Me)


The desperation is in the White House. There's a steamroller coming down the street and you all are so brainwashed you won't even see it rolling over you. It's always something to hear how blacks THINK MLK would say or think. You have no idea what he would do or say. You're only guessing and guessing along the lines that the Democrats, Corrupt Media, and the race baiters/hustlers ( aka Al and Jesse) tell you.What do you think of Alveda King? I'm a Tea Party member. I have never seen one time where race was injected into anything. Many blacks are also in the TP. The media says its racist. Over 600 events and one incident of racism and that person was thrown out of the event. Every event Sharpton or Jackson put on is total racism. You keep on walking round with blinders on. One day the black community will wake up to the horrors perpetrated against it by the Democrats. I hope its soon, so the black community can finally lift itself up , instead of being held back and down. See, I want ALL Americans to do well.
Go to YTube

My Response:

Your words have been the same words that have been used in order to maintain laissez faire economic policies, which don’t work to build up society comprehensively. Also, brothers and sisters here aren’t brainwashed. I am an Independent brother. Many sincere black people are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Just because a black person is more progressive or more conservative doesn’t mean that that brother or sister are some slave to either of the 2major parties. We know what Dr. King would think on some issues, because we show you his quotes, ideas, and ideologies. You hate it since many of Dr. King’s words in opposition to war, in promoting a radical redistribution of economic and political power, his critiques on capitalism, etc. goes against your Tea Party dogma. I think Alveda King is a very sweet, intelligent sister that loves black people. I think she is wrong in allying with reactionaries like Glen Beck though. I believe that she is wrong on some issues (like on economics). Republicans regularly inject race in their campaigns in calling blacks to have personal responsibility when most blacks accept personal responsibility. They inject race via their controversial comments (from Santorum, Gingrich, etc.). This doesn’t apply to all Tea Party and all GOP members, but some of them. Where is the modern evidence (in 2012) of Al Sharpton and Jesse showing extreme racism? Al Sharpton supports voting rights; he opposes police brutality, and wants freedoms. You can disagree with him on many things, but on those issues, he isn’t presenting racism on those topics. Al Sharpton expressed regret on some of his errors of the past. I don’t support Sharpton on every issue, but he is better than an O’Reilly or a Limbaugh type. Jackson is rather not in the spotlight as he was in times past.

The black community is awaked on many levels. Every day, people in the black community are having voter registering drives, fighting for education, fighting crime, promoting the beauty of the black African phenotype, and fighting against war. Collectively, my black people are fighting for improvement and justice period. You just deny that since you want black people to accept 19th century thinking in a near 22nd century world. Also, no one here worships Democrats. No party is perfect, but we realize the massive imperfections in the GOP (from advancing bellicose war mongering to supporting anti-voting policies). You want all Americans to accept your philosophy. You may want all Americans to do well, but you want blacks and all people to accept your reactionary views. You can’t have your wish since people have the right to disagree with you in a cogent, tolerable fashion. We don’t need privatization of all resources in the world to be free. We don’t need theocracy to be free. We don’t need austerity, xenophobia, and Islamophobia to be free. We just need human rights to spread unto all backgrounds in order to be free. We need both public and private resources in order for us to be free. The mainstream media is dominated by corporate/CFR interests, so a real person doesn’t unconditionally trust the corporate-sponsored mainstream media at all. You have the right to be a Tea Party adherent and I have the right to accept individual/private power and collective/public power to help society.

By Timothy (Me)


vonveezilModerator54 minutes agoin reply to truthseeker2436577
This is fun. I do believe like normal though, you misinterpret my way of thinking and lump it in with whatever dogma you choose to make it. When Sharpton is on everyday on MSDNC, it's all about race with him. One can play the race card too often that when there's real racism it's like the boy who cried wolf. No one believes him anymore. You said" Al Sharpton supports voting rights; he opposes police brutality, and wants
freedoms. You can disagree with him on many things, but on those issues, he isn’t
presenting racism on those topics." Really? If he supports freedom then why does he support such a man as Barack Obama, who is trying very hard to strip freedoms from every American , including blacks. Do you really think that asking someone to prove who they are when voting is suppression? Now please tell me that you and everyone doesn't use some form of ID to bank, buy liquor, cash a check or just about anything one need a picture ID. But for one of the most sacred rights we Americans have , you don't need an ID. To get into an Obama campaign stop , you MUST show 2 forms of ID and have a picture ID. This assumption that voter ID is suppressive is a joke. The only reason the Democrats and Al fight it so hard is because then the illegals won't be able to vote.Which they shouldn't be able to do because they are not citizens. I oppose police brutality also, since I was beaten badly while handcuffed behind my back by 2 officers in an elevator. Rodney King didn't deserve his throttling but Denny didn't deserve his throttling either. You say he wants freedoms. What freedoms are you being deprived of? Is there one thing in this country that a black man or woman can't achieve? No, there isn't. I live in the 21st century and you telling me that I long for the days of slavery is totally wrong. No one here at all has ever been subjected to slavery. Not one of you. I have never owned a slave and never want to own a slave. I'm a proud American, and you all are Americans also. I own my own business and do work on many black peoples homes. Black peoples money is just as green as whites, Asians, or Latinos money. You fight for education but here in Chicago 48% of blacks drop out of school. 440+murders , mostly black on black. Remember this is not a Republican area , it's a total Democrat area. You say you're striving for freedoms that you already have. It's just your attitude and mindset that keeps all of you from becoming whatever you want to become. According to most polls 91% of all blacks are going to vote for Obama and the Democrats. So you telling me, that in '08 when 98% of blacks voted for Obama, that was just a mirage? Not to many blacks jumped ship it would appear. You say you don't worship the Democrats but actions speak louder than words and the overall actions of the black community derail you affirmation. Look up this movie called Runaway Slave. It's being offered on many cable networks as a ppv. $4.99. Order it and sit down with your family and friends and watch it. Or are you to far gone? Nothing keeps you from being all you can be in this country. Nothing, except your own perceptions of yourselves.

My Response:

This is fun. You know that the game isn't over yet. Well, it's about to be. I don’t misinterpret your words. Your words are rather transparent. You blame black people for rejecting the GOP mostly and then you try to use historical revisionism and slick tactics in trying to force guilt unto black people in trying to make them Tea Party adherents. It won't work because doubling down on trickled down will not massively stop poverty at all. Just because Al Sharpton talks about race on MSNBC, doesn’t mean it’s an example of him expressing racism. Dr. King talked about race in exposing racism. Also, Sharpton’s words’ about voter suppression, evils in the political system, and exposing corporate corruption are accurate. You cite no examples of Sharpton playing the race card in 2012 explicitly. Racism and discrimination are ever real in society and you just deny it. You cite no evidence on how Sharpton doesn’t support voting rights, real freedoms, and ending police brutality. I didn’t say that the man is perfect. Supporting Barack Obama is his right. I believe the President is right on some issues and dead wrong on others. I don’t just don’t have a hatred of the man. Folks who hate the man have immorally denied his citizenship, called him lazy, questioned his intellect, and slandered his name (and his family like the coward Glen Beck. Beck had to apologize for disrespecting the President's daughter). Some GOP people even disrespected the beautiful, intelligent Sister First Lady Michelle Obama. This isn't representative of all GOP members or all Tea Party individuals though. The anti-voter ID laws are bigger than possessing an ID, which you already know. These anti-human rights laws decrease the days in how people can achieve early voting, many people have been falsely eliminated from voting rolls, and some of these laws have been struck down by courts all across America. The Voter ID laws force people to have a government issued photo ID when other documents are sufficient in order for folks to vote. Studies prove that some of these laws will negatively effect the young and the poor. Millions of U.S. citizens don't have a government issued photo ID in the realm of 11% of all U.S. citizens.

Many pro-Republican groups put up inaccurate billboards about voting laws as well. Black people have victories in Ohio and other places too on this issue. Studies prove that voter fraud presently is very minuscule which doesn’t make it necessary for these oppressive laws to exist in the first place. Also, not one reasonable person wants non-U.S. citizen human beings to vote in American elections. Where did you get that perception from? These people who are non-U.S. citizens are still human beings and they should be afforded equal respect. Why do you cite Rodney King and Denny? No one is talking about both men here. Most black people don’t agree with what happened to both of them. Your implication that some blacks massively lack empathy of the suffering of non-blacks is telling. People are talking about Dr. King. 2 wrong don’t make a right, but the white supremacist system exists (as exposed by crammasters and other qualified black scholars). You reactionaries ignore white supremacy and racism since you want to live in your world of trying to make black people docile & submissive under your way of thinking when dealing with white people. The Patriot Act and other unjust laws deprive our freedoms. The TSA abusive acts deprive our freedoms. The evil Drug War policies and the stop and frisk situation deprive our freedoms as well. Documented voter suppression in recent times deprive our human freedoms. We have the right to promote our civil liberties period. Also, slavery is still here in the world despite it being banned overtly & legally in America. Native Americans living today didn’t experience the colonists oppressing them, but they received compensation in recent years. The legacy of racism still exists in our time and black people have the right to oppose oppression (whether it's from police brutality to discrimination). Just because you don’t own a slave doesn’t make it a justification for you to refuse to expose racism or ignore white supremacy.

Injustices still reign in society like a 6 year old sister being killed by a crooked police officer in Detroit. Also, you cite the imperfections in other cities as a means to blame blacks collectively, which is ignorance. These problems are caused by socioeconomic problems, laissez faire economic problems (these economic policies increased the debt during the Bush years. What people in Chicago need isn't your way of privatization of all resources, but a holistic approach of both public and private services in making reforms in the city. You have to spend money in investments in fighting for change, not just individual initiatives), the Drug War, etc. not by the essence of black humanity. There are those in Chicago fighting for reforms and you discount or minimize their efforts. Also, many mostly Republican areas in the Deep South have poverty, record divorces, educational problems, meth addiction, and other problems. My people don’t make up most of the pedophiles, serial killers, corporate criminals, and imperialists in America. Guess which people? Also, many black people have made great accomplishments in life. Yet, they made it by working collectively too. You never made it on your own solitary. You needed assistance sometimes collectively. The power of the individual and the power of the collective are parts of the black African cultural tradition. My attitude has nothing to do with all evils in the world. Also, most black people voted for President Barack Obama because John McCain was seen as more reactionary. McCain talked about possibly bombing Iran. Most young people voted for the President in 2008 and most people voting for Republicans are mostly white people (that doesn't mean that all white people are racist or all black people are racist for mostly voting for the President). Many black people in Maryland voted for more non-black Democratic candidates before (and in places across America). I don’t worship Democrats and to assume otherwise is deception on your part. I cite the errors of the Democratic Dixiecrats in this very forum. I am an Independent politically.

My actions of believing in truth, opposing globalization, and rejecting austerity are clear. I refuted the Runaway Slave documentary many months ago in print. Your Tea Party rhetoric (and the Tea Party is funded by the Koch Brothers and other corporate interests) is fantasy since war mongering, massive austerity cuts, scapegoating, promoting the interests of the 1 percent, and xenophobia aren’t the essence of the Dream. The Dream is about us showing respect for humanity of every background and not to scapegoat black people collectively for every social ill in America. Runaway Slave won't expose how the New Deal decreased poverty, how the poverty rate was cut massively from 1945-1975 via progressive action, or how Social Security is a very successful program. It won't expose NSM 200 and it won't expose how Dr. King wanted a guaranteed annual income for all Americans. Your denial of white supremacy and the oppression against human beings in society is telling. I have a great perception of myself and my black people. I do believe that my people can achieve great things, but I also believe in exposing white supremacy at the same time. I believe in the Dream and I believe in justice. You can't have peace without justice.


By Timothy


Like always, some of you libertarian types are overly sensitive over a simple debate.
Your words shows your immaturity and you would not say those words to my face like a man, so cut the act out. Ad hominem attacks in the Net is really silly. Compassion is not garbage. It is holy, real, and it is part of a real human endeavor not a Charles Dickens view. I have no issue with printing debt free money immediately to assist the poor at all. The rest of your words are silliness. Eugenics have been advanced by reactionaries for years. Progressives have opposed eugenics before you were born. Austrian Economic leaders agreed with extremism for decades. Austrian economics leader Lew Rockwell is known for hating civil rights laws. Austrian economic leader Mises believed in gender inequality and the racial inferiority of those of color. He was wrong. Austrian economic leader Murray Rothard hated the poor and those on welfare. Some Austrian economic leaders are neo-Confederate. The Austrians' hatred of any general welfare is expressed by your words. Reactionaries and racists have advanced eugenics, debt money, unjust wars, technocratic aims, aristocracy, the Maafa, imperialism, etc. for centuries. I reject eugenics and other evils, so that guilt by association trick won't work on me.
Altruism is superior to debased hatred and compassion is better than sophomoric anger displayed by you. I am older, so I know how to describe my arguments without emotionalism and a petty, immature attitude. You are right that the poor should have a fair stake at budget negotiations and ought to have immediate economic relief. Yet, you subscribe to a scapegoating of those on welfare when economic inequality is one reason for our issues. We need a comprehensive solution in our situation. I am not a slave to anyone. I am not a slave to economic social Darwinism or a false view that free markets are God. God is God not a free market. The reality is that copyrights, legal protections, and other real regulations are in the market for a reason (to enhance competition and to protect the rights of all human beings). No group of men can understand all facets of the economy. Yet, human citizens can use policies to make the economy grow better, which has occurred in American history (via investments, eliminating fraud including waste, and having real economic solutions). I disagree with a privatized central bank. I do believed in Congress handling our economic affairs though as cited by the Constitution. I respect public investments as well.
The mistake of the some the FED's policies means that an alternative ought to be made, not have a pessimistic view of the world and just give up. Human beings have the right to fight and to achieve great things via effort, intelligence, and persistence.

-By Timothy (Me)

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Debate on Politics

Hi TruthSeeker24

I say that Ali's militant "black" identifying jugmentalism back then is what informs the the style of modern Liberal African American "agenda" politics today and their rhetoric. Ali was how he was because he was mad about how he was treated by "White" people who believed in this notion of "whiteness" and about how they used it to insult and belittle him as inferior. Yet he needed to see that this white/black excuse for division and hating him was only a blood poisoned scapegoat being used by those PEOPLE to do so back then, it was being done by PEOPLE who chose to do so not inherently "white" people. Sure, they were white skinned while on mass doing it, and those people even fervently believed in that shit notion enough to segregatedly kill African Americans over it, but they were just PEOPLE using a false notion of "Color" as a excuse to hurt others really.

Now the problem is that a 95% African American voting block that leans all Democrat speak themselves from the same false "color" perception of men like Ali about where racism comes from. The general appetite within Liberal African American democrats to "teach" on race issues and judge others supposed vast racial sins through their own personal racialized prism, comes from a similar false perception of "color" that they hold true to in similarity with the racists who enslaved them back in the past, and now Liberal African Americans use the "color" perception as a solidarity platform themselves. That solidarity with "blackness" may have seemed necessary to fight the fight for civil rights, but it has left Civil Rights African Americans as a group identifying by "color" today.

They act judgemental from a podium because of it and self segregate from other people with it. That racially charged/identifying podium of privilege, is from where insincere men like Obama speak when they want to pretend that they want to have a "new" dialog on race issues. Yet it is the same podium from which all the other "color" based judgments of others by Liberal African Americans comes from everyday. People like myself who are constantly judged and under attack for our every word by Liberal activist African American people of that privileged podium and who see their few Black conservative friends called "uncle toms" from it by them are not impressed to believe anything that these racialized Liberals say.

As I said in a letter before, there was no "new dialog" on race as Obama promised, just insulting "cowards on race" comments and "uncle tom" rhetoric from the left. At the same time, Black Panther intimidation got a free pass, and then they have the gall to wonder why those "Whites" who are always called "privileged racist conservative white people" hate them back in return for it. Well Liberal activist African Americans are in general now far too Racialized and judgmental to have any real true "new" dialogs or discussions about race issues with people like myself. All they breed is division with their insults at us and our Conservative "black" suffering brethren these days.



My Response:

This is an interesting discussion and here are my views. Muhammad Ali had imperfections like all human beings possess or acquire. No human being is perfect. Yet, Ali's views on many issues are 100 percent accurate in my opinion. You obviously disagree. Now, Muhammad Ali is right to promote black families, black communities, and black culture. You equate a man or a woman strongly promoting black culture as judging in an evil fashion. I don't. A real black man isn't judging unfairly all people when he stands up for an ideal. He is acting as a rational and firm minded human being that isn't afraid the status quo. The status quo desires stagnation and self hatred among black people, but the truth is that God wants black people to realize their full potential and love the legacy of their black ancestors. The black ancestors were warrirors and carrying forward with that warrior ethos of strength, determination, and progress are frontiers of stable living not choas. Muhammad Ali was right to expose the evils of white racism. Muhammad Ali even in the 1960's said that he didn't hate people, because they were white. He hated oppression and discrimination against his people. Racism isn't limited among some white people, but the system of white supermacy existed back then and today (under more sophisicated means). White terrorists (not all white people) harming black people back then used issues of race and class as a disgusting excuse in order to basically harming people. I don't consider them or prejudice people normal people in my eyes. They are degenerates. "Whiteness" to Ali refers to larger white society or white culture. You of course deny the concept of culture, but I believe in the existence of culture in the realm of human history.

Now, the percentage of black people voting for a political party of the Democrats exists for numerous reasons. You don't like it, but what is the alternative? I don't agree with the Democrats on every issue. On the other hand, the Republicans have shown us what they stand for. They stand for austerity, war mongering, xenophobia (even Jeb Bush called some Republicans out on their xenophobia), the violations of our civil liberties, near theocratic policies, and the use of race-baiting/anti-poor rhetoric. I wish for more African Americans to be politically Independent (which is purposely not a part of the Democratic/Republican corporate system), but I do understand why 95 % of black Americans vote Democratic when most Republicans desire to crush our effective social safety net. The lesson of reality is for people to teach of racism and promote solutions. Judging racial sins using accurate sources of history isn't about judging something with a false prism. That is using a crystal clear mirror that is a part of history, reality, and a sense of justice. Color (in terms of melanin levels) is real. Melanin levels that are diversely arranged in human beings is a scientific fact, while the usage of "race" is a social construct. People have used and exploited people of color for centuries. That is also real, so people have the right to talk about these issues. You wish to not discuss about these issues in an accurate fashion since you want all people to accept your conservative establishment views. Black solidarity has nothing to do with racism. Black solidarity is about promoting bounds of unity (among black men and black women), building black culture, and believing in justice. You ignore this goal. Black solidarity was necessary during the 1960's as it is now in 2012 (because of the problems in the black community. Black Unity is one solution out of many to help my black people). Identifying myself by color, culture, or my ethnicity is my right. It's part of the First Amendment. Judging evil is right. Judging oppression as wrong is fine with me.

See being judgmental against evil is very much human. Human beings have the right to discern right from wrong. To promote Black Power isn't about forced self segregration or bigotry. It's about doing the same thing that the Irish, the Indians, the Asians, the Hispanics, and other people have been doing in America for a long time. When the Asians and the Hispanics do this (or promote cultural growth along ethnic lines), there is no outright or massive condmenation. It is only when we blacks do it, then we're falsely called the racists. Sorry, it's a new day and colorblindess is fantasy (as exposed by the author & Sister Michelle Alexander). No real discerning man or woman concieves every black conservative as an Uncle Tom. That's silliness. We just feel that if a black person hates their own people and promotes corporate interests that damage their own people, then he or she is an Uncle Tom. It's a simple and quaint definition (without complication). I have said that the liberal establishment isn't perfect, but there is no way that I will worship at the altar of Ayn Rand or Milton Freidman. It isn't going to happen, no doubt.

There has been dialogues on race for years. Some progress have been made, but we have a long way to go. See, a true dialogue means that both sides will agree on many things. Yet, both sides don't have to agree on every point in the exact same fashion. You want black people to agree with your standard on every issue, but black people have every right to not agree with you in a peaceful fashion. Our civil rights are being violated, so we have the right to fight for more tranquility. The President Barack Obama talked about race and he didn't damn anyone as an Uncle Tom in his dialgoue (during his 2008 Presidential campaign). Black Panther intimidation? The New Black Panthers in that voting location didn't kill anyone, they exposed white supremacy (which they have every right to do and they are accurate on that point) and they didn't harm anyone physically. The only thing that they did wrong was carrying weapons that could intimidate people. Most of the Dade County FL police department blocking voters in 2000 to elect Bush is a thousand times worse than 2 New Black Panther members with nightsticks in Philadephia during 2008. Also, police brutality against a 6 year old black girl gets a free pass in Detroit. Oscar Grant's murder gets a free pass. The NYC's evil frisk and search policy against innocent minorities gets a free pass. The bombing of the black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921 by you know who got a free pass too. Also, other instruments of evil gets a free pass like the brutality against black Libyans by terrrorists. Our black people suffered no free passes in terms of oppression. We are oppressed and we have every justification to make our greivances known and to create solutions to help our own interests. I know many priviledged white conservative racists hate black people. Thank you for admitting to that. You are honest. We blacks don't hate you reactionaries. We disagree with you. Many liberals and people from across the political spectrum desire dialogue with each other. Race dialogues have existed for years, so to assume that race dialogues don't exist is false. You just want the dialogue to be one sided in your favor. Justice means all sides will benefit not just conservatives. No real scholar insults you or black conservatives. Real people don't advocate the demonization of any man who is conservative, but a real people advocate adequate critiques of any political philosophy. All humans are created equal, but all human beings have the right to work for community development. Black people have a right to love their families, their communities, and their people without malice or bigotry toward non-blacks. That is not a sin. That's the Lord's Truth.

By Timothy


Hi TruthSeeker24

Republicans stand for non over emotionalized maturity, this xenophobia, austerity crap is just a liberal contrive of Conservatism actual positions. They believe in families that have expectations other than lax culture that accepts and seeks to mitigate the growth in youth promiscuity and uncommited adult relationships. They believe in a nation that was founded of rugged individual personal pursuing freedom and not vast culture of sharing all of their labors and hard work with everybody under the sun at others people enjoyable whim. They believe that a patriot expects his nation to be sovereign and it borders as well, not just have millions come whenever they please and use the services of our citizenship without expectations of legal immigration.

They believe that empowering the ease of the average citizen to start their OWN money generating capitalist enterprise however small is in keeping with this nations founding under personal pursuitism and CAPITALISM. They believe that one should be "equal" enough to face mainly just the obstacles of the natural world, competition, and the limits of their amassed skills and education without things like racism being a factor hindering them. Yet they don't believe that the world was made to make everyone have the same amount of stuff through collectivism, and that those who naturally can't achieve a certain level prosperity for themselves through their own efforts don't deserve that level till their own effort allow.

They believe that those like Liberals who fail the intercity with their Liberal teachers union lead Public School high drop out rates and "Empower" only to government provided things are destroying the personal pursuing independence of the people in this nation, and are failing even to give them the empowered ability to achieve even a basic level of prosperity of THEMSELVES with a good basic education skill base. Those consumed with arguments of supposed continuing "vast racism" that is leading their disadvantage are off point and objective. We need to worry more about why the Fredrick Douglass types who freed HIMSELF and taught HIMSELF to read with NO education has been lost in African American America now. Those who call themselves "Friends" of African American intercity empowerment can't even produce a decent primary school education to give them, and they all but ignore the cancer of single parenthood and other issues adding to more criminality and hopelessness.

Well I say that is UNACCEPTABLE while pushing more entitlements and collectivism on them, it is robbing them of their hope and sacred fire to achieve as an individual like their ancestors had. The "Mitt Romney" types of the republican party aren't the majority, they are big monied people who some I am sure have interest only to protect their fortune. The majority of Republicans are just middle class people who want their nation to be one free individuals who are able to sweat and toil for their OWN middle class level of prosperity and keep it, without being called "privileged" for it and being force by their neighbors to spend it all collectively on every new thing that people outside of their own home decide. Those who constantly from the Liberal now grown ethnocentric minority movement left of today shout with racialism about the white middle classes supposed "privilege" and judge everything they say and do as the most racist thing ever are presuming to a self righteous power they don't have right to as a equally fallible human.

These self segregating people have grown so consumed with racial color and the politics of disadvantage to see that it is mainly now reversible natural obstacles that are holding them back. The stored legacy of achievements of individual African Americans of past rougher days is immeasurable, and their achievements and fire for personal actions back then are more understandable now by those of conservative independent fire of spirit who remember their immigrant European ancestors struggles to reach the middle class and who want to be a nation of THAT and not collectivism. i am one who is interested in the "School Choice" movement, to me it seems more important that intercity kids get a good education that can serve them to start being personally actional and generative adults rather than to get into taking from government. their are Liberal Democrats and Conservatives doing big things in this arena, yet much of the Democratic establishment in love with the teachers unions hate on them.

This "School Choice" is a place where intercity minorities could see a growth in personal skill to do as individuals, yet I fear the majority of the Left wants continue to play racial disadvantage politics with the middle class more than they want to empower people bipartisanly to independent ability through things like school choice and community based personal small business starter training programs. That would just be too independent and capitalist to do for Democrats I guess. I am attaching a vid of the Democrat party people fighting for "school choice" who show a kindred bipartisan spirit with those fighting for it on the Conservative side. I hope it shows you a better way for us all to work toward something truly empowering for less fortunate rather than playing agenda politics and continuing a entitlement culture.



My Response:

Republicans stand for many things and principles. One of them isn't the love of the social safety net despite their hypocrisy on this issue. No political party is god neither perfect, therefore I possess the reasonable justification to be an Independent from a political standpoint. Being emotional for justice is fine. Being timid in the face of oppression is asinine and seriously cowardly in my opinion. Many Republicans advocate xenophobia and austerity evils. That's a fact. For example, Paul Ryan and Ron Paul desire at least 1 trillion dollar cuts in the government (which can damage the economy literally and it's austerity). Also, Republican Tom Tancredo blatantly advocates restrictions on legal immigration in harsh xenophobic terminology. These characterizations of some Republicans advocating extremism isn't a part of liberal contrivance, but cold facts. People from across the spectrum disagree with youth sexual promiscuity and uncommitted adult relationships inside of a lax culture. I just feel that people should not be placed into prison (as theocrats advocate) for premarital sex and various adult relationships. There are means to fight against these problems like sexual education, communication, dialogue, and promoting a culture that abhors materialism and yes austerity. In American culture, shared sacrifice is part and parcel of our ethos. For example, centuries ago, the American Revolutionaries sacrificed their wealth to defeat British colonialists. Even during the Great Depression, communities sacrificed their labor and time to assist the poor and struggling. The same things existed during WWII. Now, the Constitution in Article I, Section 8 gives the government the power to tax citizens (therefore, the usage of taxes to help society is perfectly legal). I believe in national sovereignty, so you have no qualms from me about a nation having the right to be sovereign in their territorial integrity. Yet, when people talk about comprehensive immigration reform, we are not saying people should run from foreign countries into America precipitously. That means that we should protect our borders and promote a rational solution to the immigrants already here in America. You can't immediate deport millions of people without causes riots or chaos, so a comprehensive approach is far better in solving immigration complications.

You feel that the private arena can only empower the individual. In 2012, I am seeing that it can be both the private and the public sector working in one nation that can empower individuals. You mention the words personal pursuit. So often, the words of personal pursuit have been exploited as a cover to advance greed, materialism, and other facets of negligent behavior in our financial sphere. Therefore, the markets should have reasonable regulations in order for the market to not act unfettered. Unfettered capitalism is a detriment to human progress, while controlled capitalism or even a mixed economy has worked in the United States during the span of short centuries. Now, the weakness of your argument of bootstraps 101 is that not all human beings travel in the same road at approximately the same time. For example, the rich man and a pauper are in 2 different lanes in the track. The rich person has many advantages; therefore programs were created to assist the poor person in the race of life. Therefore, it's fine for you (if you want) to promote your own individual endeavor without government assistance. Yet, you should not restrict some governmental assistance from those that legitimately need it. Human life will not be perfect and obstacles are abundant. That's true, but imperfections in life require corrections. These corrections involve funds, fair taxation, legitimate laws, and other policies that can make America a better nation. A man can make great contributions via his own efforts, but no man can make it on their own. All men were assisted one way or another in their life's journey.

You made words about public education. There are huge problems in the public educational system that is multifaceted. There is corporate influence in education that causes problems. There is a sense of cultural and discipline problems in the classroom as well. Yet, the government is by and for the people. So, the people are the government and the government is going to be run by either evil people or righteous people. So, the public school system ought to have strong reforms without the total annihilation of it. I have no issues with homeschooling or private schools as long as they aren't paid by taxpayer dollars (because many of these schools express views that some people disagree with. Many vouchers are religious schools funded by taxpayer dollars as well). I don't like many high dropout rates from high school either. One solution is public school is a back to basics philosophy (that deals with phonic, promoting more reading, developing intellectualism and the model from Finland). Like Finland, teachers should be highly trained in education and behavior management. Sometimes, it isn't even the teacher's fault since some teachers have trouble with children with complex behavioral problems (and their dependence on anti-depression drugs). Other solutions to the public education problem are to have teachers have flexibility in testing students, and promote stronger cooperation among all parties (in Finland, there Finland offers all pupils free school meals, easy access to health care, psychological counseling, and individualized student guidance). As for teacher unions, there should be unions. Without unions, you wouldn't have a minimum wage, child labor could be legal, pollution would be harsher, and other evil conditions would remain in America. We should thank unions. Teachers unions should be reformed and not abolished. The scapegoating of teacher unions for all educational problems is silly when our problems are more complex than that. Not all teachers are to be blamed for this. Replacing qualified teachers with temps is extremely damaging to our system of education.

Private education has just as much a valid historical link to American history as Public education. Some of our greatest leaders including African Americans were an educational product of public education. Racism and socioeconomic problems pay a huge role in educational problems despite your denials. The reason is that some minorities are suspended (not because of rude behavior), but because of cultural differences. Privatizing all public education benefits the corporate elite not the people. A real solution involves accountability, flexibility, and the strengthening of public schools.

Frederick Douglas may have taught himself how to read, but the government was necessary to allow people to escape out of the Great Depression. Also, the civil rights activists forced the government to pass meaningful legislation in order to give people their God-given rights. Hence, individuals and the public can make masterful improvements in society. You just felt the individuals can do it alone. I believe that both individuals and the public can make a better world. There are many public education schools and plenty of great African Americans making it in life, thank you very much. Single parenthood exist across ethnicities and backgrounds, so single parenthood is not monolithic. Not all single parents are drug dealers or living in a degenerate lifestyle, so that stereotyping is a mirage of deception. The social safety net isn't an entitlement, because people earned to receive them via work (like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid). Most white people in America have these items not black people, so race baiting is silly here. Also, these services aren't gotten by theft. They are gotten by real labor and real work. Taxes are found in the Constitution as well. Unregulated capitalism has been a force that contributed to the Maafa and some of the corrupt policies found inside of factories during the 19th century. I worship God not capitalism. Capitalism like any economic philosophy acquires imperfections and some pitfalls. You don't expose the record income inequality and the crimes of the super rich since it ends your promotion of corporate wealth centralization. The Mitt Romney types (for better or for worst) run your party of Republicans. Republicans mostly are middle class, yet some of the middle class have forgotten about the poor. When some of the middle class are suffering poverty now, then some of them realized that you can't forget the interests of the poor. America isn't just for the middle class. America is for the poor too and if we want meaningful solutions here, then we have to advocate strong, effective policies to assist the poor in a militant way. Again, Taxation isn't about forcing your neighbor to steal your wealth. It's about fulfilling Congress' right to fund our roads, bridges, infrastructure, health, and other vital services in this country. The term collectivism is used by some conservatives in order to scare people into feeling that there are no other alternatives to free market capitalism (when there are like a mixed economy). Now, black people loving their people, loving their families, and wanting more black children isn't about racism. It's about truth. Also, real black people don't call all words from white people as racism, but expose some racist whites' comments that harm black people. See, you want to deny white racism. The Republican establishment and the Democratic establishment are run by the same people.

Forming black communities is fine and this isn't bigotry. If a black person wants to live with his own people voluntarily, that is his right. Being appreciative of melanin is a blessing. There is a politics of disadvantage of the super rich having huge advantages over the rest of us. The great accomplishments of African Americans in yesteryear doesn't justify massive globalization, unjust wars, and other nefarious policies in the 21st century at all. Also, tons of European immigrants live in separate enclaves to this day culturally and socially. You can't refute these points at all. School choice is school choice. School choice that's real has nothing to do with arbitrarily cutting teachers or illegally privatizing all public schools. That isn't school choice, but it's harming the public school choice. Many Democrats and Republicans are united to promote privatization as both parties in their leadership are nearly the same. Sorry, yet changes in public schools can enrich the lives of African Americans. Also, middle class human beings aren't monolithic. Numerous middle class individuals want the 1% to end their economic crimes, they want the poor to have justice, and they promote love without theocracy. The Bush tax cuts for the rich can't massively benefit our economy & other archaic economic plans are futile too. Small businesses and private charities are fine. Yet, charities alone can never end poverty. Small businesses alone can never end poverty. Only, the combination of public sector and private sector solutions can end poverty. Your denial of the power of the public sector to humanly help another human being is telling on your personal premise as it relates to politics. Using the government to help the less fortunate is legal and it is no vice. The entitlement culture spin has been used by Republicans as an excuse to try to crush the social Safety net. Social Security (with a surplus in the trillions of dollars) and Medicare aren't entitlements. They are effective programs that people earned by their own labor in order to enrich their own standard of living. Now, you want all black Americans to be Republicans, yet you won't have your wish. The reason is that black people collectively I might add reject the racist statements made by numerous Republican candidates. We reject austerity and colorblindness. We also reject the hatred of black culture. We black people will forever love and promote black culture, black fashion, black families, and black Power. Collectivism relates to community and community work is a very pristine portion of black African history. It is what is as they say.

By Timothy


Hi Timothy

This "Social Safety net" idea is a fantasy made to pacify those Liberals and others who have had their Social Security money spent away by Liberal/all government far before they ever have seen a dime of it. If one is an adult they should be expected to know how to set some of their OWN money aside in personal savings for later. Yet Social Security was NOT made as a government "hands off" savings program for the Liberal idiots out their who can't save by budgeting day to day personally and need to have the government do so for them. It was set up instead to be used as a short term loan system for the government to use "the peoples" money before they would need it for their retirement and then the government pretended that they would have the money paid back into the accounts by the time the payers in finally needed it for retirement.

Now there is nothing but a lot of "I owe you" tickets from the government in social security accounts. Even the rest of the little money left in there that is not enough to cover everyone, is being devalued by monetizing the new debt that Obama is taking on by printing more money. When there are more dollar bills being made, then they each become a percentage less valuable as a consequence, That means every dollar in your social security account goes down in value and your once 10,000 dollars in there is only worth something else now. something like say 7,000 dollars. This is the consequence of letting the government debt spend and monetize our currency into less value. If the government had had to keep their hands off of using Social Security savings to spend, then the money would all still be in there in personal accounts for those people now. If the government was expected to run on a budget and not take on extra debt to spend. on entitlements, wars, and projects.

Then they wouldn't have to monetize that debt and lower the value of the cash sitting in those social security accounts that should have been hands off from the start. The government could have done this, but as no surprise to me didn't. Now the vast "Baby Boomer" population is coming into the use of Social Security and the money they paid in has either already been spent by government or has been devalued by them. This means we need to find a new away to foot the bill, and that way as Liberals are displaying is just more debt. Government spending took the original money out of the accounts and spent it, Government debt spending loans after that made for monetized currency devaluation of what was left, and now with only "I owe you" tickets left in the accounts the government wants to borrow more debt to pay for the Baby Boomers retirements now.

Well that idea will just indenture into debt servitude the smaller populated generations of younger people here. They will have to service this debt for generations in order to borrow enough to pay for the baby boomers retirements now. WHERE THE HELL IS THE ORIGINAL MONEY PAID
IN?!!! Yet you talk so reverently of the "Helpful" government and how well it spends your money. Well I say that it is moronic to think that those who have spent and also devalued your savings deserve to hold on to your money. If people had had that money saved somewhere themselves then they could have kept it unspent, and if the government tried to monetize and devalue to take on more debt. Then you would have had that money with YOU to transfer over to a better currency over seas before it ever devalued. That is how a free and independent mature adult manages their money and stays prosperous. Not like Liberals who let government think and spend for them.

Such personally responsible fiscal choices aren't some secret formula or "way of cheating" by only people with more money than others. They are just personal actions that could be taken by anyone of any means to be secure themselves. Yet you seem to want the government to look after you still. Well no wonder you complain about the successful beating you, it's because they don't put their money in the hands of those who who would be irresponsible with it like government loving Liberals like you do. I would tell you to get more of YOUR OWN money back from government, but I fear it would fall on deaf ears. LOL I love how Liberals hate on the successful for beating them with individualism and then go off to seek government and not their own individualism. Sure, don't do the fiscally responsible things that you can do personally that can make you as successful as those richer than you, instead entrust your money to the government. That is the Liberal way of thinking, and it gets it's ass beat by individualism time and time again.


The reactionaries are slick in our generation, but real human beings are wiser than the lies from the status quo. Now, the social safety net isn’t a fantasy. The Social Safety net is a reality. All human beings need assistance and the social safety net was created in America to not only help Americans. It was used to maintain social prosperity and prevent the oligarchy from having too much extreme power over the populace. Now, the corporate elitists are angry at the social safety net since it strips away a lot of their power. That is why they use Foundations (including puppets like Peter Peterson) to advocate the elimination of the social safety net, especially Social Security. Social Security presently has trillions of dollars in a surplus. Some of the money has been spent heavily during the Bush administration years. Bush isn’t a far left liberal man at all. Stolen wealth from the Social Security trust fund occurs from time to time. Still, future generations can witness a dime of Social Security via wise policies and economic preservation without austerity & unjust wars. Some adults can survive with a job and set their own money alone. Yet, some adults are extremely poor and some are living in extreme circumstances. These incidents permit some public services. Now, Social Security once again is earned not gotten for free, so it isn’t some entitlement. Some reactionaries don’t know what a real entitlement. If you earn a benefit via work, it is no shame. Intelligent men from across the political spectrum lost funds and even went into poverty not because of ignorance or laziness, but by corporate corruption, unfair firing, and other things Some of the causes on why some folks experience new found poverty are not the fault of some people. Social Security is an effective program with tons of benefits to people. The problem is that the Big Money Fat Cats and their Congressional lackeys in 2010 cut payroll contributions to Social Security from 6.2% to 4.2%, representing a loss to the Social Security Fund of $140 billion the first year! Forty-two percent of American senior citizens are kept from living in poverty by their Social Security payments. Nearly one in five Americans receives Social Security benefits and ninety-five percent of Americans have the Social Security benefit protection program. The poverty rate of the elderly was 35% as late as 1959. Now it's about 10%, because of the reliable Social Security program they have paid into. The Social Security Administration is an independent federal agency with its own revenue stream and depository fund: IT IS NOT A PART OF THE FEDERAL BUDGET! On March 31, 1995, the Social Security Administration was officially designatedas an independent agency. The Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) Trust Fund was established on January 1, 1940 as a separate account in the United States Treasury. This Social Security trust fund system is one of the few programs set up by the federal government that continues to operate successfully. To take a sample year, in 2002, the SSS received $627 billion in checks, $453.8 billion in taxes, and an additional $49 billion in interest. Instead of red ink, Social Security made almost $102 billion in profit, to add to the trillions it has in surplus from previous years. Now, printing more money is fine if it is debt free. Debt filled money has been a problem, so populists want the government to cut money from the military industrial complex and spend money in our infrastructure. The government should keep their hands of Social Security. On the other hand, I am more concerned about people’s lives than budgetary deficits. We can grow the economy and handle the debt and deficit long term. Revenues coming from economic growth can assist our deficit and debt long term including other policies. I talk of helpful government since on many occasions throughout human history government can be helpful. Government has been corrupted when there are corporate influence, and the existence of oligarchy. Evil government can transpire when even undisciplined, corrupt human beings control the power base of the government.

Other people have talked about responsible fiscal choices all of the time. Yet, true fiscal growth doesn’t involve more massive tax cuts for the super rich when they don’t need them. The extremely wealthy receive record profits and there is record economic inequality in the world that’s undeniable. Now, some have called for infrastructure development. Some want the private and public sectors to have investments to grow state of the art transport, energy, and water system. A real pro-growth tax policy is necessary to give incentives to companies that grow jobs here in America, get rid of corporate welfare, make higher tax brackets for billionaires, and end the war on terror (that drains our economy in an oppressive fashion). There ought to be more of a resurrection of manufacturing and technological jobs in America. That is why I agree with a lot of the economic agenda from the 99 percent, not the 1 percent. The promotion of workers’ rights, strong financial reform, and efforts to preserve the social safety net is purely essential in prodigiously maintaining the essence of the American dream. Extreme privatization has caused tons of complications from the prison industrial complex to the commonly known corporate scandals. Also, helping your neighbor isn’t cheating, it’s a commandment. See, some view helping your neighbor as embracing hatred of success or hatred of the rich (some even falsely call folks socialist if they want the government to help their neighbors). I don’t hate the rich and I don’t hate success, yet even Jesus Christ (that some Republicans claim to love so much) exposed greed. He said that the rich will have a harder time going into Heaven than the poor. We know the reason about why that is. I don’t want the government to dictate every aspect of my life. I want the government to constitutionally protect the borders, protect my life, protect my property, and promote the general welfare of society. Therefore, the general welfare includes things like infrastructure, Social Security, and more social services to those that need it. I don’t need welfare, so I don’t utilize it. Others need it and it’s their right to use it. Rugged individualism was heavily responsible for the Maafa and extermination of the vast majority of Native Americans. This rugged individualism is a lie anyway since the Homestead Act was about federal dollars funding Western settlers in a multitude of ways. Not all liberals hate so-called successful people. People from across the political spectrum hate corruption, hate greed, hate tax cuts for the very rich, and hate an archaic economic system of Austrian Economics. People have the right to seek individualism and receive no governmental help. Other people have the right to get governmental help if they need it. There is nothing wrong with individual liberty and individual initiative. Although, there is something wrong with denying individual people their general welfare though.

The reality is that markets should be transparent. Rockefeller Foundation types perverted economic freedom into Austrian economics (or monetarism that is related to monopolistic capitalism). The Milton Freidman gang at the University of Chicago with agents like Lew Rockwell continues on with their propaganda. Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Ayn Rand’s views have been discredited, because selflessness (not selfishness) is needed to improve the conditions of humanity. Ironically, Lew Rockwell or the founder of the Ludwig von Mises Institute claimed that the Spanish Jesuits (associated with the University of Salamanca as the founders of modern “free-market” thinking. Ignatius Loyola was the founder of the Jesuits and he was a student at Salamanca (he was linked to the mystical Alumbrados group, which was a precursor to the Bavarian Illuminati). Even Carl Menger or the founder of the Austrian School was strongly influenced by the Salamancan Jesuits as he quoted them in his book entitled, “Principles of Economics.” The House of Habsburg, one of the most powerful Black Nobility families, was closely associated with Austrian economists. Carl Menger was the personal tutor of Archduke Rudolf von Habsburg and accompanied him in his travels for three years. Even libertarian Presidential candidate Ron Paul is sponsored by business magnate Peter Thiel. Peter Thield is a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group. So, the establishment just loves anarcho-capitalism. History and reality prove it. Now, libertarianism is right to emphasize individual freedom, but it fails to recognize many of the imperfections of human nature. Humans are social beings, not just individually working human beings. For life is social and individual, not just individual. Self interest is promoted in libertarianism, but not social justice. You have to have social justice to have true freedom among everybody irrespective of race, gender, socioeconomic factor, background, creed, etc. Usury is even condemned in the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, etc. Austrians blame everything on the state, but they ignore money power or corporate corruption. We can live without libertarianism and communism. We can live with a mixed economy. Getting back money from the government via legitimate means is one thing, but eliminating all money from helping those less fortunate is evil in my opinion. I am not a liberal, regardless of what some say. I am an Independent. I love fair government. I don’t love tyrannical government. No real man is jealous of so-called “successful” people or rich. Real people are just knowledgeable that just because you have a lot of popularity, riches, and so-called prosperity doesn’t mean that you’re righteous.

By Timothy


How in the hell would you have a constructive dialouge with a group of MFs who can't even admit when they're wrong? How in the hell can you have a constructive dialouge with a pack of females who can't take lightly-laid, suggestive, constructive criticism? How in the hell can you have a dialogue with a coup of women who have been nothing but praised in the community and never have been held collectively responsible and accountable for their crap?

It's only productive when you criticize black men. It's only acceptable when focusing the attention on black men. I've seen this crap all my life. Conversation after conversation with black women. They can criticize and chastise but when it's their turn to take the pressure, they deflect it back to the black man, or they dodge the conversation like cowards.

It's funny this person didn't say black women need to act like "queens."

-Indy Syder

You know me. Cowards never win. I always bring jewels. This is fun. I am a very strong intellectually and physically and folks like you can never intimidate me or real Sistas at all. I am not on some CB4 swag. I am my own man. Therefore, I never need to curse women out in the Net to be a REAL MAN AT ALL. Your allies are the certain type males (not real Men) who will never find respect from me by calling women (or cosigning males) that curse women out and call them all sorts of names. So, I will respond to you since you mentioned me andI feel like responding. You do not know a single thing about my life, so you can not question my manhood at any circumstance. Many of you types will never say those words in the faces of real black men and real black woman. You just use the Internet as an excuse to outline your hatred and extreme rhetoric. Now, to the point at hand. The reality is that many women here in this forum and in real life want to have a constructive dialogue about this issue. EjErica admitted that both genders have made mistakes and have been wrong on a number of issues. I agree with her. So, both black males and black females have made errors in situations of our community. No one denies that fact.

The difference is that I do no curse out females or make extreme generalizations against black men or black women as a means to have a discussion. So, you saying that females do not admit their errors is a lie since many females do (beyond the stuff you see on television). Males have made errors including females. No on denies that. The comments in this forum are not laid back, suggestive criticisms. It has been filled with ad hominem attacks, profanity, slander, and anger utilized by many folks in this forum. Real black women and real black men will always be praised in the black community whether you like it or not. If you do not like it, get out then. I do not praise traitors whether they are male or female (like the African American female conservative slandering the great family of Trayvon Martin). Collectively blaming black females for white supremacy, our current state of affairs, and the Maafa is historically inaccurate, so that lie is erroneous. Some folks like you are tougher on black females than white supremacists killing and harming our people in cold blood worldwide. I never criticized black men who are real (from Kwame Ture to Dr. John Henrik Clarke), so that is your other lie. The rest of your statements are filled with anger and immaturity. The real truth is that some black human beings (among both genders) have morality issues. This doesn’t mean that most black women are extreme degenerates or murderers. It means that we must work together with women in finding solutions and we need constructive dialogue, which many black women desire. Miracles can happen as history attests. Also, I know many black women who act like Queens like my mother, co-workers, acquaintances, Sweet Sisters in this forum, other relatives, business associates, Sisters I know from stores, previous classmates, and other human beings. Therefore, the truth is known about these things. Black Women are always Queens and Black Men are always Kings. I decline membership in your brotherhood. I prefer respecting Black Women (the most beautiful humans of God's Creation) as the Mothers of human civilization. Checkmate and Game Over. That is all She Wrote. El Final.

-By Timothy (Me)


Indy Syder

ruth berry
• 6 hours ago

"And shouldn't lady O be allowed to complain or have her opinions like everyone else? The man with the bad beard, spoke so badly about my sister. All the good that she has done and one disagreeable opinion with the right and now she's so bad. Please!"
I don't know who "Lady O" is because Oprah isn't much of a lady. That's just my one little opinion. She should be allowed to have her opinions that are exploitative of a situation and that's misguided as well. Trayvon Martin doesn't belong in the same sentence as Emmitt Till. Trayvon Martin was a hoodlum in contrast to Emmitt Till who was tortured because of his skin color for sassing a white chick. Martin was profiled because he looked suspicious not because he was black. Till was killed because he was black - the sassing of the white witch give those but holes their sick reason to murder him.
When Oprah had her feminist-driven talk show, Trayvon Martin wouldn't have been discussed or mentioned. When her junk show was on the air, how often did she bring up the shootings of black men by the police? Rarely during her crappy talk show did she address issues surrounding black men. In fact, she took indirect cheap shots at black men when the opportunity arose. So the hell with that load of crap. There are other reasons to hate Oprah even before she made her silly comments. So screw Noprah!
Onto the maggots on here, anytime black people say something that doesn't fit into the black way of thinking - in other words, if you think outside the porch, you're not black - then they're sellouts. Those two black men made decent points but some chicken-and-rib-eating clowns on here manipulated the message to depict them as sellouts. Critical thinking is very unwelcome in the black community.

My Response:

It is time to have fun. You a such a coward. You will never say those ad hominem attacks to me as a man (or a real Sister. A real Sister would put you in your place with the quickness). You are never a real man. If you were a real man, you would inspire both genders of the black community to improve themselves in an inspirational fashion and use constructive solutions to enrich all genders of the black community. You could of build up black women and any black woman suffering. You can advocate plans and programs to assist the Sisters suffering in negative straits (like child care, self esteem programs, advancing educational programs to help the Sisters, anti-poverty programs, teaching community development, teaching the value of Sisters in society and their true, great value in general). You do not do that since you want hatred to spread like a cancer in our community (with your wicked, lying dehumanizing comments constantly about black women). Your hatred has nothing to do with expressing the diverse views that is legitimately found in the black community. Your views has to do with stirring up emotions and trying to falsely blame black women collectively for all issues going wrong in the black community, which is inaccurate. These two black men are wrong since there are similarities among both young human beings. Of course, differences abound among both young males. Although, Trayvon Martin was never convicted of any felony. George Zimmerman is the real super hoodlum that assaulted a woman. He assaulted a police officer. He was accused of sexual molestation. I have no respect for George Zimmerman at all. Zimmerman stalked an unarmed, innocent child. Trayvon Martin had every legal right to walk in that vicinity. He has every right to walk away from the stalker. He had every right to defend himself against a fake vigilante cop. Also, I did some research and found one law that could of convicted Zimmerman in Florida if the prosecutors had done their jobs.

 So, Trayvon Martin had a much greater character than George Zimmerman period. One of the liars on the panel said that Oprah Winfrey knows nothing about the Civil Rights Movement, which is a lie. Oprah in that situation was not exploitative. She gave her honest opinion. I outlined the similarities of both boys being each were unarmed, each were innocent of any crime, each being black, each being murdered in an extrajudicial fashion, and each inspiring us to carry forward in the movement for black equality. You can't refute that at that unless you lie about it. You are a such a liar. Never did I call someone a sellout when a black person outlines a minority opinion in the black community. I did not call Alveda King a sellout at all. I did mention that a black person is a sellout if they ally with characters like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity (that don't give a care about real black interests at all since they refuse to want to end the system of white supremacy). Your comment about critical thinking not welcomed in the black community is your other great lie. We have black doctors, black lawyers, and other black scholars loving critical thinking today. Critical thinking is a cultural ethos of black people, so you can take that lie somewhere here. Critical thinking is loved by black academia and in other realms of black society. I am not finished yet.

You listed so many lies about me that I lost count. If you do not have respect for an unarmed, innocent black teen being murdered, then you are a traitor to your race.

All of your words are filled with lies, slander, half truths, and ad hominem attacks (since you have no mature thinking on the issue of black relationships). You embrace hatred and bitterness. I embrace love for the Sisters and respect for the Brothers doing the right thing. You are an unstable, cowardly man indeed. Just because some black women talked about issues of gender oppression in the past doesn't mean that we should end such discussions completely today. Such discussions are necessary with the news of females being sexually assaulted in the military. We should still talk about it and inspire all black men and all black women to be better human beings. Never do I justify errors made by some black men or some black women at all, which is your lie again. You are a pathological liar. To further imply that against me makes you a liar. The Don Imus controversy has to do with a white man slandering black women. It has nothing to do with all black women at all. All black women are not moral degenerates. They are Queens and Black Women are the mothers of human civilization. Most black woman try to do what it right period. No one forced these artists' against their will to degrade their own race including black women. Degrading black women in lyrics is truly an abomination. The corporate executives are wrong also. Black women are our greatest allies in this struggle for liberation.

You have the right to outline disagreements about Oprah's views on feminism and other topics. No one says that you have no right to free speech. I do not justify Oprah's errors. Oprah is not perfect, but that is not the issue. The issue is in reference to the debate about Trayvon Martin. Yet, you lose profound credibility when you issue ad hominem attacks and perverted rhetoric against women (including folks like me. You can show disagreements like a man, but calling folks maggots and all of this other phony mess makes no one fear you). You say not a single thing about black women being demonized in musical lyrics. You say nothing about black women having gender inequality still. You say nothing about black women being called out of their names and blatantly assaulted by sick human beings of all stripes. You say nothing about black women being sexually assaulted. You say nothing about black women being scapegoated for all ills in the world by white supremacy (since you follow a white supremacist, Eurocentric narrow minded view of gender. In ancient Africa, there were Kings and Queens and it is in our culture to never call Sisters out of their names you race traitor. Mothers and black women in black African cultures always were placed on a pedestal). You say nothing about poverty and economic inequality harming our communities. Nothing. I am real black man, so I will always defend black men (from Malcolm X to Dr. Umar Johnson) and black women. I defended black men in this forum now when a bigot questioned black manhood and black physical strength. If you deny it here, you are a liar. I knew you would type about me, because I am the type that doesn't agree with your anti-black female misogyny nonsense. I get under your skin (which you have admitted), because you know full well I will never be brainwashed by the likes of you. Anyone with your level of misogyny has issues (which I won't discuss here). So, I do believe that a diversity of thought should be advanced in the black community. Yet, these 2 black men ally with a racist like Sean Hannity. You ally with that agenda. I will never collaborate with my enemy. My enemy is my enemy. I am not a maggot. I am a grown black man with strength, dignity, and honor period. You will never say that those words to me face to face at all. You can never intimidate me or any Brother or Sister here. It is a shame that a person like you wants to cause division when we should be uniting with Black Women in common cause to advance liberation for our people. No gender is perfect. Males and females made mistakes and errors. No one denies that. Yet, we need to acknowledge our mistakes and solve our problems in the right way (without blaming each other for all ills in our community). You know full well with my intellect, you seem to want to target Brothers like me. Your types always target me since I refuse to put up with your ideological garbage. We need to have real dialogue without hateful rhetoric. You always shift subjects as a means to get away from the real issue. The real issue is that Brothers and Sisters with imperfections need solutions, hope, correction, love, compassion, respect, and inspiration without being dragged to the dirt.

You are such a woman basher. Real men stand up for justice. Real man acknowledge the great intellect and beauty of black women. Real men are opposed to white supremacy. Real Men will never stereotype black women negatively. Real Men will place Black Women on a pedestal. Real men praise Women and that is one cornerstone of true manhood. Black women are apples in my eye. Black women protested with us in Jena Six, in the Civil Movement, in the SYG protests, in the protests for Justice for Trayvon Martin, and in other real, progressive movements in our history. They cared for us, educated us, inspired us, loved us, and respected us as full human beings. Black women are strong and they are great human beings. Black women are great inspirations and me saying that truth has nothing to do with being a simp. It has to do with me being a honest human being. I will always defend my people. You calling a suffering woman the h word signifies your hate. Instead of giving programs to uplift and assist these women, you want to call them every name under the sun, which is your cowardly and lying agenda. You are a male and not a true man. A true man advocates solutions not ad hominem attacks and immature. You have a long way to go in being a real man. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

Black Men and Black Women have great value in our community and they should be honored and respected. You need to step in the House of the Lord and get blessed with Truth and Facts. You have no respect for black women and you have no respect for the black community, so these are my last words to you in response. Since you are not a real man (with your anti-black woman misogyny, immoral ad hominem attacks, blatant lies, etc.). I will not respond back to you anymore. Black Women are always Queens and they deserve respect, freedom, and justice.
Game Winning Score. Game Over. Checkmate.


By Timothy (Me)


My Response to a Woman Hater Signal7

Signal7: I keep telling you people this lady represents the majority of evil terror/ist black women. This "queen" carries herself like an Al-Qaeda operative. Ship her off straight to Afghanistan and let her roam the caves with her AK47. She already has experience with torture chambers. This is the "queen" that is raising our children to be future prison inmates. The government sits back and laugh at the great job these queens are doing. This woman should be brought up on federal charges and should be considered a terror/ist. These black women have literally lost their minds and let some of you tell it, there's nothing wrong with the majority of black women. Ok simps and hair hatted hooligans lets hear it.....smh

My Response: This is a great evil done by Regina Bennett. Only a race traitor would classify this single evil woman's actions as representative of most black woman. The black female victim should receive justice in this affair. Now, when I think about it, these women haters are race traitors by definition (because to call most black women terrorist is beyond sickness. It is treason). Sisters like Trojan Pam are right. These anti-BW liars are truly a disgrace and they act like white supremacists (in trying to dehumanize, degrade, and slander black women). You women haters certain got me riled up. I knew women haters here would try to strike, so I always strike back with truth and facts. I am very young man, so I will be here for decades still showing the truth. This liars always assume that I think that black women are all perfect, which I do not. I just feel that black males and black females can go into constructive dialogue, air out our issues, be made accountable for our actions & mistakes, and make common ground solutions to our problems (without vulgar rhetoric, without hate, and without false generalizations about either gender). It is as simple as that. Black Men have the right to advance dignity (express grievance, and to seek Justice), and Black Women have the right to express their grievances too, advance their dignity and seek justice too.

Also, I have notice that many of the women haters follow Tea Party rhetoric. I have done my research recently on this issue. Now, I have a lot of evidence to refute their lies about women, crime, etc. The truth is that black teenage pregnancy rates have decreased. Crime rates in Washington, D.C. and even New Orleans have decreased. Even the birthrate of children from single parents have decreased. It is just that 2 parent black households are having less children that single parent households. Yet, the homicide death rates today are actually far lower for black men than in the past. See, total crime in America has decreased in the past 3 decades because of human social evolution. The vast majority of Black Women are with Black Men and vice versa. I know that you haters do not want the public to know those news. We still have issues in the black community, but we are not completely destroyed either. Black women collectively have never been responsible for the War on terror, the War on Drugs, the prison industrial complex, the Maafa, modern racial discrimination, gender inequality, economic inequality, corporate corruption, the war crimes in Libya, etc. See, I bring facts to the table.
Now, Regina Bennett should be held accountable for her evil, illegal, and immoral actions. The disabled Sister should be treated with compassion, care, and sympathy. This sick action of harming humans should be fought against tooth and nail. Only a punk and not a true man would assign most black women with the actions of Regina Bennett. Degrading black women has nothing to do with tough love, but tough lies. We real black men are not simps. We are men with dignity and honor. We have the God given to defend black women and black men. We have the God given to fight for justice. We have the God given right to use constructive dialogue and inspiration as great means to solve problems without immaturity and evil hatred of most women. We have the God given right to expose a child support cheating hypocrite like Sotomayor (and I have stuff on him too not just about him a child cheat). So, real men will be strong and use discernment not adolescent slogans. True Black Unity is always real.

By Timothy (Me)

 Signal7: I was going to continue to ignore you like you ignore the fact that black women are not perfect. I'm only addressing you due to the fact that you referenced my name while smoking a simp joint. First off you mentioned my name and I never mention yours so that tells me that I spoke so much truth that it actually hit home for you. Unlike you, I don't need the backing of a black woman to validate who I am. I don't have to kiss a black womans rear in order to be accepted by them. You don't possess the ability to disagree with a black woman because you are a man filled with estrogen. You are so full of it. You would do anything to be accepted by them to make up for your short comings. Who appointed you as representative of black women? Your job as a simp is easy. All you have to do is agree with EVERYTHING these queens feed you and you're good. Again, You lack the ability to debate black women and you're soft as wet bread that's why you defend them at any cost in an attempt to get brownie points because in real life you suck. Let this be the last time I address you Mr. Simp-son.

You a coward and not a real man. Once before, I tried to give an olive branch to you like a man. Yet, you still want to play silly games. Instead of wanting a constructive, fair discourse among men and women to solve our issues, you want to call black women with weaves slandering names. You want to call most black women as terrorists. You lie and call most black women the seed of Satan. All of your words are documented here and I can show them for the world to see if I wanted to. See praising real black women, wanting solutions, and knowing that Black Women are the Mothers of Civilization has nothing to do with being a simp. It has to do with being a man. Black Women are the Most Beautiful Females in the world. You obviously will never say those words to my face or a Real Woman's face at all. So, you use sick generalizations  as a means to distract from the real issue. The real issue is how Brothers and Sisters need to have jobs, fair education, real health care, real unity among males and females, and real Justice for the world in general. Calling women outside of their names and using lying stereotypes has nothing to do with tough love on females. It has to do with advancing tough lies among the populace. You are a great traitor and I will treat you like a traitor. You have spoken no truth, but much fiction. Your other lie is that I never disagree with any woman. I obviously disagree with Regina Bennett, Stacey Dash on many issues, Deneen Borrelli on many issues, and Crystal Wright. I just refuse to curse them out. I do believe that black men and black women should have discussions, air out their errors in a fair way, acknowledge our values as human beings, unite in common cause against a common enemy, and make solutions to our issues. Nothing more or less.

The truth is that black female teen pregnancy rates and black single parent birth rates have declined. Never did I mention that all black males or all black females are perfect, which is a great lie on your part. The rest of the words are immature and silly. I am my own man. I do need the validation of other women haters to validate my manhood.I do not need to join with a strange, intolerant misogynistic brotherhood to get my kicks. I am purely satisfied living my life, having my own independent thoughts, and expressing dissent with your fundamental ideologies. The rest of your ad hominem attacks are brash and non threatening. A real man does not go in day in day bashing women. That male lacks real testosterone really. Who appointed you the spokesman for all black men? No one. I never said that I was the spokesman for all black women. You just put words in my mouth as a means to try to justify your perverted agenda (which to make some extreme Eurocentric male supremacist society). You love your Master and that is why your follow your Master's views on gender including race. Your last sentences are silliness. I have my own life, my own income, I work out, I assist my community, I contribute in others ways in society, I fund real black conscious folks, and I have my own way of living. You just hate it that I can have a tolerable conversation with many black women in advancing common cause for Justice.

Signal7: You want to see a coward and a grade A simp, find the closest mirror to you.

Me: More weak ad hominem attacks from you. I thought your previous words were your last response to me as you have typed. Respecting black womanhood has nothing to do with being a simp. It has to do with being a man and you obviously need to realize that. I look in my mirror and see a strong black man. I want no parts of your sick brotherhood. Your whole style is more CB4 instead of Debo. You are a great liar, coward (by ignoring the fact that black women collectively have nothing to do with the War on Drugs, racial discrimination, international terrorism, gender inequality, the prison industrial complex, the Maafa, HIV/AIDS, Western economic inequality, and the system of white supremacy at all), and a race traitor. I will always be here to communicate with other real folks. You intimidate no one here at all. This is my last response to you and for me I will not lie unlike you.

By Timothy (Me)
Words from the Great, Sweet Black Woman named Courtney:

Good Morning Truth. :) ON behalf of black women, and men everywhere, who understand what you just wrote, Thank you. You are absolutely right. This blame game has to stop between black men and women.It serves no purpose at all in solving anything. The blame game does not allow for discussion and dialogue to take place at all. I know, I'm grow sick of it and so do others. What are people bringing to the table to help for better understanding, healing and conversation to take place? What little changes are people making in their everyday lives, in how they treat other black men , women, girls and boys.?How do they choose to engage others? Is it with more hostility? The two people that you are speaking about that criticized Oprah, in my opinion, are out of line. If nothing else, Oprah has put her money were her mouth is.Yeah ,she may have had to dance with the devil but she took some of that money, and redistributed back to many. She gives away a lot of money to African Americans. What have these two done? Because I'm not aware of anything. SEcondly, you are right. What purpose does it serve for any Black, African American , to align themselves with the disgusting rhetoric or those like Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, O Rielly and the likes of those like them? Can they not see the real agenda as to why they need some black people , to agree with them to make their hatred of black people valid? People never look beyond the surface and never examine how and why things are being said to them and about them. They just take things at face value. Their is a reason why , YT racist, need Blacks to agree with them. Not because these YT racist love black people. It's a way to falsely validate why they hate blacks to begin with. Then they can turn around and say, even your OWN people agree with us. Now, that's sick.

YOu said "Game Winning Score. Game Over. Checkmate."
Like Mookie Wilson in the 86 world series lol

My Response to the Sweet Sister Courtney:
Thank you Sister. Good morning to you Sis Courtney. Your are strong and eloquent as always. Sometimes as a man, the lion comes out of me. I will always defend Sistas as this is how my mother and my father raised me to be. We are in the right side of history and we are in the winning Team. We should thank the Lord that we are brainwashed to that reactionary propaganda from Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly.
On Behalf of your defense of Black Men, I thank you too. You always defend black men here, so all of us as real Black men appreciate you too.
I know you are sports fan Sis with your baseball reference I see you. LOL. Go ahead on wit your bad self. LOL.
Bless you. :)

Courtney: Funny how my comment disappeared on here again. :) Likewise. I was a mets fan for that year then traded them in for the yankees.. According to my brother ,even to this day, I'm not a real yankee fan. lol

Me: LOL. Yes, sport rivalry is something serious among many. In Virginia, there are many sports fans as well. Football season is coming on and it is an interesting time of the year.

Courtney: Tell me about it. lol. I went to baseball games a lot. I do enjoy watching different sports. Yup , football is knocking. :)

Me: It is interesting that you mentioned baseball since my grandfather and my oldest brother loves baseball. I have been to local baseball games before including other sporting events. I like to eat food too not just enjoy the game. Football is great and the thing about football is that you are in the edge of your seat. I also like track and field and basketball too. You are like a great, excellent homegirl that a Brother can feel a positive vibe with. You are a Real Black Woman and I greatly respect you indeed. :)

Courtney: Thank you, it runs in the family. My father played baseball and football.He was even scouted and went on a few tryouts for the big time in both. He was a product of the GRAMBLING greats , under Eddie Robinson.He was a very good athlete for both but sadly it never happened for him due to injuries. he use to take me to games when we were younger and showed me how to play.He was very involved in our lives so he wanted us to know everything. lol. My brother ran track and field. He was pretty fast.I played softball and basketball but softball was my absolute favorite. You're right about football. I learned a lot watching it with him as well. My brother is really into soccer and has been for a few years. He also plays with people when he see's folks playing at parks. smh. lol He runs with his two dogs. He's in great shape at 34. AS for me, It does not take much for me to get involved, get excited about things. If its going to spell out fun, i'm pretty much all in. :) I grew up with it so its very normal. going to yankee games with dad was always a great time. EVeryone gets so into it. Yelling ,screaming, booing. You're right. It gets serious. lol Who is your grandfathers favorite team? YOur brother also and what about you?

Me: You have a blessed life Sis. You are a true Queen. Ironically enough, my grandfather loves the Yankees and the old school all black Baseball leagues from back in the day. I received a card from one member of that league as well. There is nothing wrong with a Sista getting her sports on. Athletics readily teach discipline, leadership, and teamwork. Exercise can improve our immunity, thinking, and emotional strength. I love to do football and running when I was a child as well. My oldest brother loves random teams from baseball. I am not into baseball like that now, but back in the 1990's, I received baseball cards, etc. from various team. Team cards were readily common when I was a young child. I do respect many teams like the Yankees and the Giants. I like the Heats, I like Washington (in terms of football) including the Cowboys (LOL. I know it is like water and oil. My other older brother loves the Cowboys a lot), and I like other teams as well. Back in the 1990's, I love the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and so forth. My youngest brother loves sports, but he is a pretty boy. He loves the women and he will not sweat. LOL. Ideologically, we are like a Dream Team (with the Brothers and Sisters communicating and being mature in our daily lives). We can appreciate our similarities and our differences in a progressive, spiritually enlightening fashion as human beings. 
Sista, there is nothing wrong with a good Sweat either (in terms of exercising and sports). :)

Courtney: Don't lose it and safe guard it in a plastic, clear case. So special. Their was a player who played in the negro leagues my father told me about, who was or still is apart of the chicago cubs franchise in some way. I can't remember if he said that he was a scout or not. I don't remember his name but I was told stories about that league. So many overly talented black men who could not play in the major leagues all because they were black. smh. Football and running as a kid huh? Well, you can always sign up for fall league in something if you ever get the itch to run around some more. :) My fathers favorite football team was the Cowboys. I remember watching the games with him and he talking about Tony Dorset all the time. I still have his Cowboys caps and jackets. I'm a Cowboys, Saints and Jets fan. Basketball, it's the bad news knickerbockers all day. You are a heat and bulls fan? They are our arch enemies. Yeah I know, Scottie, Jordan, the rings. The only thing I can say positive about that rivalry with the knicks was, we talked a lot of junk in high school when John S posterized Jordan and Grant. lol. No rings still to this day but hopefully we will get a ring before I hit my 40s. lol Your youngest brother is not down with the sweating. That's cute. lol
You're right .So many good things about sports that we can learn from. Leadership,discipline, emotional strength, learning the importance of teamwork, immunity like you said and helping to keep us young. :) Absolutely nothing wrong with sweating. Even that is good for us. Gets rid of toxins. Thanks for the convo. It's appreciated brother Truth. :)